Overview of the Fashion week

The fashion week is at the end of it’s line for

this year! Unluckily I only attended for the

New Designers show but I still can say, that

this years Fashion Week was “Outta-this-

world!” One thing I can say about the other

Collections that I saw is , that I mostly loved  Ritienne

Zammit’s Collection , and I only said one word

to describe it : “WOWZER!” Simply amazing

and beautiful! And bringing a cat along the first walk was cute and different!

On the “EVENT” page I wrote 

something on my five most liked designers so

be sure to check it out : http://wp.me/P7tGfZ-

2G . Regarding the New Designers Show ,

these are my three most liked garments! 

Let’s see what’s next for next year !