Paom Review And My Designs!

Hi all! Hope you had a great week so far, like I am! As this may be the week that I

show my first female dress! Now to my review about “PAOM”. “PAOM” is in short for “Print All

Over Me” a new website were you can create your own designs.This site is helping me a lot

achieve the designs I have in my imagination into actual virtual designs! Paom gives you a set of

different categories to choose from , starting from accessories till the garments. They give you a

pre-set of looks from shirts to polo shirts , dresses , jumpsuits and skirts.By using paom one can

not only design but can buy and sell their unique designs as well. This site is new so they have a

couple of bugs yet to fix, and hopefully by the end of next week it will be fixed, but this didn’t stop

me. So far I created 13 great designs which 2 of them have my own logo. This is my link for

those who would like to see my designs. I would love if you would check it out and send me

some feedback wether it is positive or negative, feel free to send!

The following are a couple of my latest designs I made! Check the link for more! 



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