One outfit , Six styles!

Finally back here with a great fall outfit! Never ever wore this style until today! It feels

unique , different , cool and amazing on you. I personally recommend that this fall you hit

the streets with something like this, or even better, more unique. Don’t make this fall like

any other one , make it different and show the world what you are capable of creating! Like

I am doing. In this post I will be featuring  five styles, because unfortunately the sixth style

slipped my mind. In short words , you can achieve the sixth style by wearing a shirt under

a pull-over. Shoot taken at the San Anton Gardens.

 I am wearing a green self designed linen shirt (IT’S AMAZING!) , grey designed

pull-over , navy blue bermuda with an upgraded, featuring two buttoned pockets and a

zipped mini pocket, something different and not so commonly seen and a four pocket

beige jacket , everything from the new collection of Springfield! They currently have an eye

catching collection for fall, and even winter ! The last items that completed my style were

my ray-ban shades and my favourite nike kicks , the huarache. 


I can’t surely forget my HAIRCUT! Thanks to Kurt Zahra , the magical hairdresser haha!

Before the shoot I was eagerly waiting for my appointment at Dean Gera Hair Care with

Kurt for my second change, which ended up being an A.M.A.Z.I.N.G. result! If you ever

wish to change or try a different hair salon, I would recommend you this one! I hope you

will not be disappointed. I surely was not!


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