Latest PAOM collection : Camo-ed

Hey guys! I’m back here with another post about PAOM. This time it is not a review but it

is , me showing you a collection I recently made. The collection named “Camo-ed” , I am

sure you know what it is all about haha , camo obviously! I think I may be a bit too

obsessed on camouflage. I finished a great collection that in some months I may be

showing , but I didn’t want to wait till that day arrives. So I made 6 garments with a camo

pattern. I made 4 female and 2 male garments. The 2 photos below are part of my

collection. To view the others click on this link below! If you like them and wish to have

them, they can be bought as well! Make sure to check it often and follow me for more!

Have a great weekend!


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