Outfit Post : Smart / Street Look!

So today I went to shoot with a best friend of mine, he reserved some time for me to shoot

some shots of today’s look. Today is his birthday so it was something special. I can say that  

real best friends never die. No need to talk every single day, just make sure to bethere

whenever they need you. Now that you know it is his birthday….What are you waiting for?!

Go wish him a happy birthday haha! 

So , to my outfit look. Today I wanted to try and make a palette fade look with a mixed

style. And I came up with this look below.



I bought this shirt from Asos two months ago , and believe it or not I NEVER had the

chance to wear it, and today I wanted to put it on. It’s time has arrived , but still I did not

want to be all smarty and decided to wear my V2 ripped bermuda. For those who did not

realise…I….LOVE….RIPS….END OF STORY…haha! 


What was I meaning with a “palette fade” earlier you say ? Well as you can see , the shirt is

black with navy blue , the V2 bermuda is denim blue with faded parts… And what would be

the last colour? White obviously ! Wearing my favourite white with brown kicks from Asos! 


And how can I not show you my latest shade purchase. Got these beauties from Sunlab ,

Tigne Point , Sliema. Watch out for their website as it is coming soon!

I may have a slight soft spot for golden Ray Bans. The cool , hippie

like unique style made me fall in love with it even more! And that is all for today’s outfit



Before I leave, just one more thing. As it was my best friends birthday , he spoiled a bit

himsellfff and bought himself this good looking pair of shades from Solaris ! A pair of

Tommy Hilfiger shades! 


And that is all for today guys! Hope you loved this post as I loved and enjoyed my time with my

bestfriend and shooting for this post! Have a great weekend ! Big thanks goes to him! 

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