Parascandålo Night Giveaway

Another week came to an end , and thanks to Marco it ended amazingly great! Last night

Marco invited some of us to his night giveaway at Havana 808 , Paceville at 10pm. I met

with a couple of friends and we may have arrived slightly early haha! (21:20).  But oh well,

betterlate than never aye.Marco gave out two different giveaways , one female and the o

ther unisex. It was a secretuntil he made a “Spoiler alert” post, damn you Marco haha! We

still love you apart fromspoiling the surprise.

I personally thank you for being YOU and for creating unique !


On to the giveaways , the female giveaway was a tank top with his latest slogan of the last

collection and the unisex giveaway was a bag again with his latest slogan. With this said

now I have two Parascandålo bags. The first one had the original slogan of “SKANDLU”


Outfit time: I wore my second purchased t-shirt displaying the JERRY TWIN tattoo birds! A

great element to add with a strong outfit! To give the outfit a higher look I wore my newly

custom made ripped jeans with light blue wash and my favourite couple , the huaraches

and not forgetting my . I did not feel complete yet until I wore an open black shirt with

Chinese collar. With that my outfit was perfectly combined and completed .




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