Nuvole Homme : Smart look

Hey guys! Today I start my three look journey with Nuvole Homme , and I can say it began

with a big bang! Headed out looking sharp and clean with this Smart look. I cannot lie, the

blazer is SUUPPEERRRR comfortable! This is the most comfortable blazer I have ever worn,

cotton + elastane is the perfect combination!

Outfit Garments : I wore a grey fitted shirt for a starter. The cuts of the shirt made it  look

and fit sharp and the fabric is stretch so it is amazing! A pair of dark blue jeans with faded

like slits design, a very comfortable and stretchy jeans as well. To finish the look , I was

helped by one of the staff. She suggested to take this blazer , and well ,

her choice was a perfect one!

The shoot was taken at Valletta , the city of Malta. Reason why is, I wanted to make the

scene on an antique/vintage look combining it with a smart looking outfit. I thank my

great friend Feliciano Tabone for his great talent of photography ! A great job ! Two more

shoots remain , casual and street look. Stay tuned !




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