The long waited weekend full of events finally arrived and came to a great end! On the 15th of

October I gave support to my great friend who featured a collection he created.

 Malcolm Cremona’s “Union Jack” Collection of two years ago, was featured at

the “Best Model Of The World (Malta)” , which took place at the BMX warehouse ,




The MC-Fashion‘s show took place after the finalists final show wearing evening wear.

This collection’s theme is about England , but it was not displayed out in the public

immediately but in a private event. It was featured publicly at the Summer Collection 2015

World Next Top Model Malta , full collection can be viewed in the hyperlink.

First I will be showing you three close-up make looks by the talented Moana Cortis of

Unique blend nail & make up by Moana. A very talented nail and make up artist which is

able to make flawless looks! She is situated in Haz-Zebbug. Apart from being talented she

is very outgoing and kind, so she is worth a try ! 

Moving forward to the designs by Malcolm Cremona. As I said above , the theme is about

England and so are the colours. Colours displayed are white , blue , red and black to hit a

different touch of style. Malcolm made himself the Union Jack emblem using small

diamonds with the colours I listed. Artistically created his own logo perfectly and unique.

The material used for the garments are perfectly tailored with great finish. Such as the red  

skirt. It is ffaabbuulloouuss ! A long dress with white long tulle is always appreciated and 

guess what ? Malcolm made one! 


These are the designs by MC-Fashion featured at the “Best Model Of The World (Malta)”

fashion show, yet that is not all. The show presented a clip where Omar Farrugia won the

title of “Best Male Model Of The World 2015 (Malta)” and Mia Vickery where she came 1st

runner up in the “Best Model Of The World (Malta) 2015”. After that tough loss , she took

part in the “Top Model Malta 2016” were she won and secured her place in the “Top Model

Worldwide Search” which took place in London , were she placed 3rd runner up while

competing against with 40 other models from around the world for the “Best Beach Body”.

With this said , I can finally show you what these two great figures wore!


Take a minute or two or even more to see how much flawless is the dress Mia is wearing.

Designed and tailored to a great finish. Unique , different , amazing , simply MC-Fashion! I

give credits to miklosxuerebPhotography  and Stefan Stafrace  for the great shots on

Malcolm’s collection! 


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