Fine look wearing Asos

As some of you may have noticed lately I posted a shoot on my personal Facebook. So on

this post I will be blogging about it! The shoot happened unexpectedly as my mate

photographer messaged me to be his model.

The shoot was first going to happen at subway but as it is difficult so park we instantly

decided to change place and go to “Bahar ic-Caghaq”, an amazing place for a shoot with

great places.  The photos were taken with graffiti and abandoned buildings.

Now onto what I wore. Starting from my shirt , I wore a dyed blue/black polo shirt from

Asos. An amazing fit and polo. To keep it on the dyed/two tone colour outfit , I wore a blue

with white patches skinny jeans. Believe it or not , I bought the jeans from the market

haha! Yet again , I am wearing my lovely all black huaraches . I just cannot get enough! To finalise

my look , I added my recent purchase thanks to Free Watch Club. A company that is ready to bring

us designer watches for a very low price! A great watch as I have not yet removed it haha! 

Big thanks goes to my fellow friend Clyde Farrugia  , a young talent with a big heart for

photography ! Make sure to like and follow his page – C.Farrugia Photography – I urge you

to try him out even for just a start you deal with him for test shots , because believe me he

is worth a try. The proof ? Check the photos below!


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