Back at it again, another collection!

Hey you guys! I am still here! I hope everyone is feeling good and enjoying themselves

before they end up getting broke for christmas, as it is “spending time” haha. 

So lately I am quite busy and took a break on shooting with new styles, but I have not

stopped creating ! I am building up some great looks to blog about

so stay tuned for some sick looks! 

Today’s blog is about PrintAllOverme “PAOM”. So last night I ended up making another

collection featuring “Lines and Lines”, why did I give it that name ? Well because it is all

about lines haha! Since it seems thats in fashion I decided to make my own looks.

Following this link | | – you will be directed to my profile on

“PAOM”. Feel free to take a look at my designs. I made some great designs there! 

Also I managed to lower the prices as low as I could. Better something than nothing aye , so if you

wish to purchase anything I would really love it as it means I am doing a good work ! 

Two designs of “Lines and Lines”



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