Featuring Mc-Fashion by Malcolm Cremona “Neon Lights”

In this post I will be featuring some other of Mc-Fashion by Malcolm Cremona clothes , make-up work by Moana and something different. Starting off with Malcolm , this post is about the collection “NEON LIGHTS” showing off two pieces from the collection.The models were Leanne Cauchi and Lorraine Barbara , two very talented models. We had two extra models which played a big part as well , these are Ryan Micallef  and young girl named trista , a very cute one! The models were all styled by me and suggested some posing ideas as well , especially Ryan as he did not know how to pose haha!


Passing onto Moana’s work , her way in doing make up is amazing! She is a very talented make-up artist and in bringing out new ideas as well! If you are in need of a make-up artist or you have an urgent occasion for nails as well, I can surely say she is worth a try as you will not regret going to her shop! The shop is located in Haz-Zebbug , named “Unique Blend” . Make sure to check her facebook page through the hyperlink.


Onto the final part , the something different. Malcolm chose these two dresses for a reason , as the theme was candy. The theme was brought up by Claire Caruana. You may ask who is this Claire ?  Well Claire is the creator of the muffins and cake! She comes up with unbelievable ideas and creations ! So if you got a party or something , you better contact her as her sweets are delicious !



And that is it for this post! I hope that you enjoyed it as much as we enjoyed shooting for it! To end it in a happy note , at the final stages the models posed as they felt , and here is the outcome!

Have a good day guys ! 



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