Interview with Claudia Faniello !

Hey guys! It is good to be back here and happy second week of 2017 ! This will be a great way to start the year!  It is not an everyday thing that you get to interview a celebrity of your own country, luckily enough it happened to me! I got an amazing pleasure to interview a famous singer here in Malta which this is her 10th time contesting for the Eurovision. She is the beautiful Claudia Faniello!  The interview consisted in both singing and fashion sections , so let us start! 


The first question I asked her was , how did she get to know about her talent ? Well it is a family thing , her mother and her brother both are singers and it was her turn to continue the blood line in singing and so she did. 

At only 2 years old she showed how talented she is in singing. She sang on stage  “My heart will go on” by Celine Dion , which is quite astonishing ! Years passed and at 10 years old , Claudia wanted to enter a concert were she could show everyone what she is capable of , yet she did not have the go ahead. 

As she went along , she started realising music was changing. Claudia grew older and went into the teenage phase , were she was getting to like bands , rather than just singers. One of her first favourite bands was “HIM” and their vocalist “Ville Valo”.

I then asked her , who was her idol , and she told me “Madonna”. Claudia immediately told me that Madonna was her idol in a characteristic way not as a singer. She sees her as a person with stamina , artistic figure with a powerful character.

Claudia did not feel as a competitor as she felt more comfortable singing on stages , karaoke’s and pub’s. She had no teachers , no mentors , and all do women, that is what I call a strong women! She trained herself on her vocals and found a different style than others as she wanted to be distinct from others. She even wrote songs for local artists. 

*A chance came up! In 2006 , Claudia was offered a song of Olivia Louise which was “High Alert!“. This was her first competition song in the Eurovision. I asked her why the red dress , and she told me , “I rarely wear red but that time I did haha!”. The dress was made by the amazing couple Charles and Ron.

*Number 2 – “L-Imhabba Ghamja” in 2007. Her look make me get interested in what she was wearing. From the first song to this one , she had a big transformation. Claudia took an idea of the dress from “Sarah Brightman“. A black off-shoulder dress filled with silver detail and a silver tiara made her look just like a queen of passion! On this note I asked her how different is her daily style compared to on stage style. She replied saying she likes to keep it relax and comfortable in daily life , but loves to be versatile and takes it to the extreme when she is on stage!

*Number 3 – The famous “Caravaggio” in 2008 . In this song she placed second and is as you can imagine , a fans favourite song. In this song Claudia mixed vintage with modern , wearing a puffed shirt as they used to wear those days and a corset on the outside. A very vintage and clean look. In the background there was “Justin Brincat” who was artistically painting the face of Claudia in just 3 minutes! That year was Caravaggio’s anniversary as well! So , good choice Claudia ! 

*Number 4 – “Sunrise” in 2008 as well. I got to know that violet usually brings bad luck on stage for singers. When I asked Claudia the reason why she wore violet , she replied telling me that she did not believe in superstitions, she felt like wearing violet and so she did. Quite a women filled with courage haha! 

*Number 5 – “Blue Sonata” 2009. At this time , Claudia had some changes in life and felt adventures , going with short hair and that style of dress. The material’s used for the dress were of “Roberto Cavalli”. A light blue self designed flowy dress with a V like in the middle accompanied by a chain. A very very amazing dress! 

*Number 6 – “Samsara” 2010. I must say , Claudia you have courage! Once again , wearing a violet dress on stage haha. A very eye catching dress , filled with detail and slits , with golden like belts keeping the dress in structure. It looks quite adventures and jungleish that kind of matches the song. Samara actually means the cycle of life , the re-born.

*Number 7 – “Movie in my mind” 2011. A total transformation , this time was really like she was re-born. Going all out on rock style. That time she felt purely herself and wanted to rebel against the norm so she went the rock style. Wearing matte leather biker like with a corset underneath.

*Number 8 – “Pure” 2012. This look is a memorable look as she was definitely a queen, simple , sophisticated silver with chiffon like material. Dress was designed by Carina and herself and tailored by Joe Parnis . This song was and still is a very known song of Claudia. She placed 2nd , is fans favourite and placed 1st place on iTunes on Malta’s charts. After the contest , she was contacted by the manager of “Anggun” another singer , to duet one of her winning songs “Snow in the sahara“. After their duet , they repaid Claudia back by duetting “Pure” , following this hyperlink you will be directed to their duet of Pure.

*Number 9 – “When it’s time” 2013 . A new look for her on stage , rather military like but from a different aspect as the design had a particular shape and touch , which I personally love! A blue military shirt ending like a flower. This song was written by “Errol Sammut” which makes part of the band  “Airport Impressions” .This was the time where she introduced her band to the public. Look once again designed by Carina and herself. Music video by the Mcast Students. 


*And the last song which is number 10 is yet to be performed on the 18th of February 2017! After “When it’s time” Claudia took a break from contests and focused on her singles. In between of these 4 years of no competitions , Claudia wrote 3 more songs which are “One fine day” (written by Errol and herself) , “Miles away” (written by Errol and herself) and “You said” (written fully by her).  She will surely be wearing a wonderful and astonishing dress made by “Gaetano Busuttil“! Make sure to learn the song so you can accompany and support Claudia ! She will be singing the last song with “Breathlessly”, down below you will find the meaning of it.


“Breathlessly” is an emotional power ballad, with very meaningful lyrics and a beautiful melody and music arrangement. It is not your standard bling bling song, it is a song that comes direct from the heart. I love its sophistication, too. The story is very simple, yet very real. It talks about our inner emotions, and how we battle through them at various stages in our releationship with our loved one. It talks about those very special unspoken words, that are so powerful and meaningful. It talks about a simple, yet sometimes very complicated journey we live inside our heart.





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