Finally back and featuring ARO WorldWide!

Hey guys! I finally got something new and cool to show you. Unfortunately I have not been active so much due to work and got very busy as I am currently studying for an exam , but I will still try to be active as much as possible! 

So lately I have been looking at a couple of Instagram accounts to see whats out there and I this brand come up , ARO Clothing . Their clothing line features a great skate fit and some                oversized fits , which are great looking! 

I bought myself two items which are , an oversized rain jacket and a slightly long line tee featuring their logo. The material is very good , delivery fast and their contact is very reliable ! I contacted them through Instagram and was very fast so I am guessing even through other services.

Now to the shoot itself! My dear sister helped me take this photoshoot which was taken at white rocks , near the BMX warehouse in Pembroke or for those who practice airsoft , they know where it is. I really love this place as the place is very quiet and the graffiti is amazing and breath taking! 


The next photo will show how I act on a photoshoot. I basically do not know how to take a serious photoshoot as I climb up on stuff , run and get stuff and take a photo like the one  below 😂


To continue for the ones that I actually posed for haha. I wanted to try a couple of different poses and not always the same background and mainstream looks.



Below I display the details more clearly and more close! 


It all ends here! It was a very fun and different shoot! As I made contact with ARO Clothing , they told me that they will drop some stickers in the package and I found this  postcard and thought it would make a great photo ! And I end this shoot with this photo!  

Hope you enjoyed this post and stay tuned for a new experience I took part!



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