Modelling for Mc-Fashion

Hey guys! This post is a very different and unique post. Malcolm Cremona the designer of this collection and his partner in crime and fashion Sean Mahoney,  which both happen to be my friends as well invited me to model for his collection “CLARITY” on the 19th of February and as you will see I accepted .

This was my first time modelling in a fashion show and I can say , it was thrilling ! I will admit at first I was not feeling comfortable but then I embraced it and walked out. The collection was made out of plastic and black fabric. Making the collection fun and different then an every day fashion show collection.  

I quote from a post by gaymalta :

“From the start I didn’t want to use any colourful colours or any type of bombastic decorations in the collection. I immediately wanted to design simple garments and use only black colour for this collection. Black is elegant! Having the elegant part covered, the only thing that was left was showing the sexy and fun part that will show a more masculine side of a gay person”

 “I came up with the idea of adding transparent material to the black material that I will be using in this collection, so that way I’m turning the garments opposite of the stereotypical gay male stereotype trough a more masculine approach”

Credits for the photos go to :

Stefan Stafrace 

Keith Gibson

Ronald Camilleri 

Walter Sargent 

Jason Spiteri

and our make up artist : Unique Blend – by Moana Cortis

The plastic boys wish you a good day !


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