Birthday dress 🎉 !

Finally photos arrived and got the chance to write this post! Been eagerly waiting a lot to share with you my latest dress design for my loving girlfriend on her 16th birthday !

On the 19th March I proudly showed yet another dress designed by me , and sown by my friend Malcolm . It was a risky attempt as the first people to see it were her family and friends haha but thank god they loved the dress ! 

Sa 2 FB

Voila! Here it is  my friends!  Starting from the materials,  I chose red lace , nude ottoman for under the lace and dark brown snake leather for the skirt . In the photos I will be showing it will not be seen but the dress has a golden chain on the back from shoulder to shoulder as the dress has another V-cut on the back.

Sa 1Sa 6Sa 7 FB

One might ask , “Are there any perks of being in a relationship?” I would reply with a definite yes! What can you get more than a living mannequin which loves your style , ready to try out something different and most of all which is drop dead gorgeous ! ❤️

Sa 4 FB

In the picture above you could see as well what I wore for her birthday. A smart casual look which is basically my style and could be my future everyday style haha . I wore a linen jacket by Gagliardi from Bortex Fine Tailoring they got a great new stock of sporting jackets and suits! White shirt and brown loafers from Asos , and believe it or not , I bought these pair of jeans from the market of Hal Qormi , Malta. 

Before I end this post I would like to share with you my favourite photo from this shoot! Stay tuned as more dresses are coming soon ! 

And very late happy birthday to my model and my love , Sarah ❤️

Credits for the photos go to : Adel Ferrito


Thankyou for your support ! 

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