My Journal!

Hey guys ! Hope you are having a great weekend ! Last night I saw a video of Mariano Di Vaio , I bet everyone knows who he is ! In the video he was talking about his blog , and what he said really came to me ! He said he loved his blog as it was his own page , personal diary that everyone can see and a great way to express himself and at the ending of the video he said , I quote “My Page , No Rules!” I have kept my blog only to photoshoots , and due to work time I cannot always have a photoshoot and in the meantime I always got something cooking , whether it is about fitness , fashion or even my life !

So here it is ! I would like to tell you some events that happened to me ! Starting off with , I finally achieved my first step of my body goals ! Thanks to herbalife and the fitness community #behealthyandfitmalta which I proudly form part of ! 

Earlier this week , a lovely young lady reached out to me saying thankyou for helping her and for inspiring her to get fit ! I try to post fitness and motivational posts on instagram , facebook and snapchat story to help people like this young lady Lorisanne Refalo to reach out to me ! From that day I took the job to help her reach her goal , and I will not stop until she reaches it ! I encourage you to reach out to me , or anyone that inspires you !  Reach out for help ! 

The last two things were then fashion related ! A great friend of mine decided to get fit once again as she will be competing for Mrs.Intercontinental and I offered her to design her evening and well , it is happening ! And last a couple of hours ago I just went to see my latest dress design for my lovely grandmother ! Soon it will be ready , so stay tuned ! 

Here is the end of this post ! It would be great if you could email me your feedbacks about these type of posts and if I should keep on doing it ! You can send me the email on ! 

Ps , I am thinking again of re-edit my website look ! What do you think ?

Have a great weekend ! 


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