Superga Collab with EuroSport Malta!

Hey guys ! Hope everyone is doing fine this week! Already midweek , time is really flying , so to slow it down a bit , in this post I will give you a small goodie ! I have teamed up with EuroSport Malta to bring you some cool Italian kicks with great comfortability , style and that goes with anything , SERIOUSLY!! 

It is a great pleasure to me that they chose me to feature this brand! This Italian brands goes back to 1911 ! Superga is known for the comfort and versatility that it brings to your daily lifestyle , I have went running with it , dancing and even made a whole day with them and still felt comfortable ! 

Ps : If you want the goodie , keep reading until you reach the bottom ! 😉

These are some styles they offer ! They thought of everyone , men , women and even kids!! The kids shoes are so cuttee!! ❤️ ! Let me show you ! 


Aren’t they AMAZING ?!?!?! They seriously got ANY TYPE OF STYLE!! Next up , I must show you some looks I made wearing the shoes aye ? Here you are ! 




What do you think of my looks ? I personally really love my last look ! Cool , smart and stylish !

So for the goodie , below I will be posting a photo for you to save and show it to at the cashpoint when you purchase a SUPERGA shoes ! Offer valid only on SUPERGA ! It’s a great choice , believe me !  

Feel free to tag me on Instagram when you post a photo wearing them to get a chance to feature you on my page and make sure to hit that follow for more great stuff !

Instagram name —> itskylemagri

Screen Shot 2017-06-22 at 01.45.57.png

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