Be Healthy And Fit Malta!

Hey guys ! Hope you all had a great week ! I had a wonderful one ! This week I was given my first opportunity in doing some workouts for the advanced class , and it felt amazing ! More trainings to come , I am sure of that ! 

So guys , I am writing this post to share with you my progress and what we do in our fitness community ! As some of you might know Malta is on the top ranking 3 of obesity percentage , which is totally bad having that we are a small dot on a map!

One of our aims is to try and help in lowering that percentage ! It is a very hard goal that I am sure will help in doing it ! Another one is to keep people active ! I talk with loads of people at work saying , they don’t have time or I am old or I am lazy , those are all excuses ! There are people at 80 years of age still active , why shouldn’t you be active as well ! When I tell them this they start to think differently slowly slowly , I personally do not want to end up growing lazy , I cannot imagine myself in bad shape and doing nothing ! 

I have been attending to the fitclubs we do for 3 months and also using Herbalife ! I really felt that I did great progress ! From having that skinny body to an actual body! Feeling confident in how you look shirtless is one of the best feelings ! Here is a photo of me showing you my figure at this stage whilst drinking a mint chocolate shake ! It is very refreshing ! 


(Ps: In real life I look better 😉 haha!)

I am currently trying to start a “21 Day 7 Minute Workout Challenge” ! Will start it 1st July !   This will be a great push and help in starting to moving near your goal slowly ! Made workouts for any level , so do not worry! It would be amazing to see you guys joining me in this challenge !

 For those interested , message me through :

Facebook : Kyle Magri

Instagram : itskylemagri

Let’s all keep fit guys and become a big fitness community ! 


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