I present to you my friend Rasmus !

Hey guys and gals ! With great pleasure in this post I will be presenting you my friend Rasmus ! We met on Instagram and really work great together ! I am helping him with his company and to grow in something great and different !

At the end of this post there will be something great for you to listen so keep reading !

Let us start this post ! I asked him to send me a biography about him and his company , and this is what he sent me !

Biography – 

“My name is Rasmus , a real classic Scandinavian name. Born and raised in Sweden, a smaller town located close to the capital Stockholm


I have always been interested in entrepreneurship. So I have always thought about starting some kind of social media. Last year I created this Instagram page called @ournameissamn. At the beginning I didn’t really know what to share and post but now I am focused on the “summer” theme. I post beautiful photos that make you wish for summer nights. In the future I might pivot to something else and start posting other stuff, like switch theme. I got myself quite some followers and I think it goes on very smoothly. It is not that I can retire from my daily work, I actually earn 0 money on the account right now.

For those saying “But from where did SAMN come?” Well I started playing with my own name and puzzle the letters and SAMN came up! I loved it from the beginning and still am! It also got a bit of a Scandinavian vibe so I love it more haha !

Personally, I will start studying in Sweden. On the side I have this interest in making music. I am not active on my private Instagram tough, but I have plans to start being much more active. Here is my personal account – @rasmussundman. So I thought of the perfect idea to combine these two. Today I proudly released my own work, the song “Give Me Light”. The song also has a very summer vibe to it so it fits the SAMN theme all the way. Spotify link to the song:


My plans for the future are not so accurate yet. I want to continue on building “SAMN” and hopefully grow it into a real company. I am looking at options to create a website and launch something. My dream has always been to starting a clothing brand, or would love to share a perfect delicious SAMN wine. Who knows what the future will hold.

/ @ournameissamn and @rasmussundman


That’s the end of his biography ! I can proudly say that we got plans in the future to work together ! He is currently here in Malta to have a small taste and will return in a couple of months ! I heard the songs already a couple of times and I can say I LOVED IT ! For those who missed the link for the song ! Here is it again , I suggest you listen it , add it to your playlist , and press that follow button !

Give Me Light

Kyle out ! 🍻


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