Behind The Scene Photo Creation!

Hey you guys ! Another week just passed ! Hope you’ll have a great start of the week as I started it with burns on my back from my yesterday’s day by the pool at Café Del Mar which was fun and blissful ! Which I really recommend you going and make all day there ! Pool , dinner and party at night !

I’m also starting the week with a great and interesting post ! While we were in Belgium with the modelling agency (ETM-Malta) we stayed in this quite interesting home with an eye catching wallpaper ! It was a flowered pattern with a vintage look of colour ! We wanted to take it home with us as we couldn’t stop taking photos haha !

Back to the behind the scene ! So as photographers use light of the sun usually , in the house the lighting wasn’t so good so something had to be done ! The light we had wasn’t attached to the ceiling but it was hanging , so this idea came up !


As a kid I always loved Spiderman so I just jumped on the table and moved the light towards Denise which models as well for ETM-Malta ! I Never thought that it will make this wonderful effect but I love that it did ! Giving different light directions we needed help , so our photographer Patrick Spiteri of Nellas Fotography  called another model who was Cheska Alker another model and vlogger as well , which took my place and I gave her light from my mobile from the side! I will be leaving a link to her YouTube Channel down below !

By this time you might be asking yourself “But how did the photo come?!” Well here it is !


Big well done to Denise and most of all Patrick as he is one of the greatest photographers here in Malta which has quite a couple of photos up in the Hall of Fame in the US as well!

And lastly make sure to Subscribe and follow this gorgeous vlogger on YouTube ! She does great vlogs , tutorials and lookbooks and much more!

Cheska Alker —>

Would love to hear from you what you think of this post ! It would really help me!

See ya next time !

Kyle !

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