Ambassador Of Mahi Leather !

Hey guys ! Hope you are all doing great ! Had quite an interesting week myself which I might tell you more about ! If you wish to hear more make sure to comment down below and let me know ! 

As the title says , I am a new ambassador of Mahi Leather ! You must be asking yourself “What is this Mahi leather?” and here is my answer. Mahi Leather is as you might think a brand which uses leather , it produces leather bags and laptop covers ! It uses real cow leather which makes the product much more better in quality ! 

With this said you must be wondering as well that the cost is hella expensive !! Which is really not , you actually save tones of more money and can get better quality than the others which are expensive. The bags are made on order , they are not already made which I personally really like ! 

Another cool feature they offer is a four letter personalised embroidery ! Obviously it will make the price go a bit higher but it’s worth it ! As soon as I get my pay check and save some money , I will get myself one cover for my laptop with the “KM” embroidery ! 


Here you can see some ideas of what you will get from them , just pure and great quality ! They also have female bags , so girls make sure to check them out ! Will be leaving a link down below ! 

Last but surely not least , the thing I mostly love about them which not many brands do is that $1.50 from every MAHI sold is donated to FRANK Water. A UK charity who have helped over 300,000 people gain access to safe water since 2005. This is surely a great thing to do ! You are buying yourself a great bag while giving a donation! 

That is all from me ! Make sure to hit that hyperlink down below for more! 

Press “MAHI LEATHER” to see more ! 

See ya next time!



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