Male Fashion Trends A/W 2017-18

Hey you guys !! Hope you are doing well ! I recently wrote a post on my Facebook page asking if I should write about what I think will the trend be for this autumn / winter and got some feedback saying that I should , and well here it is ! 

So these couple of days I made some research on what the trend might be and actually saw quite the same colours but the styling is getting more modernised! I personally really take notice of what people wear and well having I work in a suiting shop helps me a bit as well as some customers request some colours we do not bring so that is a bonus for me haha ! 

I decided to choose five trends I really feel they will be great ! Let us start ! 

Crew Neck/Turtle Neck + Blazer

I personally really love this style and have been wishing to try it for a while now , so stay tuned on how I will rock it ! Reason why I think this will be a trend as this brings out comfortability and actually hits both casual and smart look , so for those guys that want to wear a blazer but do not want to wear a shirt and a tie , here are three ideas you can wear ! 



I am sure you knew I was going to choose this as well. Men cannot live without neutrals , they have the ability to change the outfit from zero to a hundred really quick ! A colour that completes and outfit and makes the whole outfit pop-out. One thing I noticed that as time goes by , the neutral colour is being used to bring back some old trends and give them like a  new ‘facelift’ .


Vertical Stripes

Earlier I mentioned I work in a suiting shop , a thing I noticed is that our designer made quite some suits using ‘Pin Stripes’ which would consist of narrow stripe pattern. A thing I love in stripes is that you can play with the colours , whether you are designing something or combining something ! For example , let’s make a suit. We use a navy blue base and put stripes. You can either make the stripes just a bit of light blue or else you can make one stripe a lighter blue and one white/lilac/green/beige or even orange , that would surely bring out contrast ! Then you just keep on repeating the process , ending up having a suit with three colours that already brings out contrast to itself ! Of course there are not only suits with stripes and you can make various styles with them ! 



Smart Casual

As wedding times are coming soon and invitations start going out , a typical man usually starts thinking a week BEFORE the wedding , which we have tons of men coming asking for a suit haha ! Lately I have noticed that people keep asking for a ‘Suit’ but then tell us ‘I want a different coloured pants though!’ Typically you wear a suit for a confirmation , relative wedding and where ever it is a MUST to be formal. For a friend’s wedding you can dress it  a bit down and wear smart casual , that is accepted , but for some reason men are dressing even down for these type of occasions. For those who find it a bit hard to combine some looks here are some ideas , and a look I made up ! 



Last but not least ! My most favourite trend which I am sure will be a bomb are checks ! The classical design that a lot of men are afraid of. The reason why I cannot figure out but for men out there that might be reading this , this autumn/winter do try on checks! Whether it is on pants , shirt , blazer or even a scarf , do try it on ! Do not be afraid to open yourself to something different which you are not used to ! They can give you a total different and better look  and well , it might attract some ladies out there 😉 ! 


These are my opinions of what will be a trend this year ! I hope you guys enjoyed this post as much as I did enjoy writing it ! Also if you guys try some of these looks , send me some photos on my page or tag my page so I would know you are opening to something new ! And also see how you are rocking it !

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Kyle Magri

I was also thinking maybe I do one for the female , from a stylist and designer perspective as well ! What do you girls think ? Would love to hear your ideas down below ! 



See ya next time!



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