Gagliardi A/W 2017 Is Here!

Hey guys ! Another month has passed and we say hello to September ! So far , it is looking good for me ! This week I will be going to apply for school finally were I will start my fashion journey ! 

Today I bring you the very waited time by the gents , the new collection by GAGLIARDI ! It is not yet currently available in the stores but you can now pick your choices and know immediately what to look for in the shop ! 

As I predicted , checks will be a trend this A/W and Gagliardi gave me the answer ! Said this , check out my post about the predictions —> 

Here are some shots and pieces I like from the catalogue! I will be leaving a link down below to go directly to the catalogue to see more designs ! 


AW17 catalog

One of the pieces that caught my eye was the following piece ! Checked garments make me go crazy but this one amazed me ! The colour choice and styling made the look different than usual looks , which is why I love it ! 


As I said before , here is the link for the catalogue ! 

I am putting also the link to the blog Gagliardi wrote about their A/W place and behind the scene video! 

Hope you guys love this collection as much as I am ! We might meet in the shop where I work which is located in Marsa and maybe even style you , who knows haha ! We are currently under refurbishment as it was time for the shop to upgrade and reach higher state ! 

See ya next time ! 


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