Hair care and products !

Hey guys ! Here is the post I talked about the last week on my page ! If you are not following my page yet make sure to check this link here and like my page ! 

Having I recently have had a very needed haircut , I had to go more detailed on what products I use and where I cut it ! 

Starting with where I cut it. It has already been a year now going at Dean Gera Salons and well , my hair was never this great ! The service is amazing and staff are super polite and outgoing ! I give a big applause and say a big thanks to Kurt Zahra , who always gave his best when coming to cut my hair ! A fact about me , is that I do not trust just anyone with my hair , and when it comes to styling even more ! With Kurt it is different , I just leave everything in his hands and always get pleased on how the final look comes out!

I suggest you get your next haircut at Dean Gera salons and make an appointment with Kurt ! I am sure you will be happy with the choice !

Here is the latest before and after of my well needed hair cut ! haha 😅 


Onto the products now! I use four different products which are;< strong>Sea Salt Spray  , Wax , Clay and finally the finishing Spray all products by Schwarzkopf.

The Sea Salt Spray is used before you blow-dry it and while it is wet. It brings the feeling of when you dip your hair in the sea water. Start styling your hair while drying it , as this spray helps you to style it easier and faster so you can just use the finishing spray after blow-drying it ! Easy and simple.

21460106_1610521592353376_853287761_o< p style=”text-align:center;”>For the Wax and Clay , I use them depending the occasion. Usually when I am going to work I just the Wax for a relax feel. Even though the wax strength is not as strong as the clay , the salt spray enhances the strength of the hair.  The Clay on the other hand I use it mostly when I have a shooting , hanging out with someone , basically important events as it gives my hair a stronger hold.21441572_1610521932353342_1688258805_o< p style=”text-align:center;”>To finish my hair then I use Volume Up Spray N.2 to give it the finishing hold touch. It does not make your hair like you have a solid thing on your head do not worry haha! Obviously do not use too much then. It is a great combination when used with only the sea salt spray as well ! A relax feel and amazing for styling. I like to move my hand from the front of my hair until like the mid area to give my hair that more natural look.21459923_1610521589020043_1071112659_o< p style=”text-align:center;”>Some tips : Do not use shampoo every time you wash your hair it will remove the natural oil your hair provides. You can use conditioner instead of shampoo , only use shampoo when for example on a hot day and your hair is all sweaty. While washing it with shampoos and especially with conditioner , give your hair a quick massage , it feels good and is good for your hair as well.

When drying it with a towel , do not be savage , just dry the excessive water and move on to styling your hair. If you buy the sea salt spray do not forget to use it before you start drying it.

NEVER do your hair underneath an air-condition as your hair might not be as good as you planned it will ! Saying this from experience haha.

Here are two more shots from my latest cut!

Everything has an end and this post came to it ! I am currently working on another post which I will be showing and talking in more details about the watch I got from Colton James Watch and some interesting news along them it as well ! 

See ya next time!

Kyle !

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