Official Modelling Portfolio!

Hey guys ! Sunday will soon end , which means we will soon start the normal routine again so make sure you enjoy the remaining hours of the weekend! 

Finally I managed to complete the latest project I have been working on ! For these couple of months I worked on making an online portfolio of my modelling career ! Took me some time to make the site look at its best so that the portfolio will look great ! 

A great portfolio might lead to more modelling opportunities which every model wishes to have so make sure to have a great portfolio whether you are a model , photographer , stylist or anything ! Great visual content might lead to great opportunities ! Let us just hope that this portfolio brings some towards me ! 

Down below I left the link to my portfolio ! I hope you guys will check it out and actually give me some feedback about it ! Just a simple comment / message is enough ! As a blogger feedback is the most important thing , whether it is good or bad , they help us get better ! I have been on this journey for two years now and when I ask for feedback it feels like that I am asking for sacrifice ! Let us be real , it only takes a couple of minutes to check the post/site out and comment ! In all , I wish that I get some feedback from you guys ! 

Here is the link to my portfolio! Hope you like it! 

See ya next time ! 

Kyle ! 

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