Colton James Watch ! ⌚️

Hey guys! Finally everything is finished being edited and here is the outcome ! The famous Colton James Watch post! I was really looking forward to writing the post for multiple reasons , apart from being a very amazing brand , I wanted to share with you something else and something you might like. Let us keep the best for last 😉

In this post I will be giving some great details about this brand , so relax , get comfortable  and enjoy this post!

Starting with , who created this brand ? They are a pair of engineering students with a shared passion: elegant, stylish and minimal wristwatches. After becoming frustrated with what is available on the market within the constraints of quality, design, personalisation and affordability, they set out to build the perfect watch which raises the bar in these four fields and they greatly succeeded! 


The two engineers pursued a design inspired by a theme and a meaning – essentially having a character yet being undeniably classic and timeless. This brought a new design language to the watch world. Not only just a new look, but one drawn from history.

The history of the wrist watch dates back to 1810, however its popularity was solely among women. It only became popular among men during the Anglo Boer war due to its convenience. This era also marks the birth of the propeller aircraft. In World War One both the propeller aircraft and the wrist watch were officially issued to aid and implement new strategies.

The wrist watch used alongside aircraft in their early beginnings created the theme and character inspiration used to design our watches. Using premium materials, the watches succeed in defining elegance in simplicity drawn from the design of the trench watches and early propeller aircraft. 

Their mission.

They aim to offer timepieces that are luxurious, affordable and customisable in a way that any individual can add their own unique touch of personality. With additional pledges beyond our goal, we aim to create a much larger and more diverse range of straps (including adding colour schemes and new materials) and a new watch model before the end of the year. 

What do they have better than others?

Let me start by saying you can build your own watch! Colton James offers you a wide selection of timepieces and straps for both male and female which one can customise his or her own watch , which I personally did for my first purchase ! Also you know the brand is worth it when the case itself is all detailed already ! 


You can style them for every occasion ! It is my turn now. I present you the watch I built! (The surprise will soon come!) I wanted to bring you something different and decided to do like a lookbook video about the watch ! I was helped by my bestfriend Cheska Alker which I will put a link to her YouTube channel down below and do not forget to subscribe!<<
s: We made a Tinder video , I think you might laugh a bit !) 

Cheska Alker YouTube Channel


I styled the watch with an army green shirt and ripped jeans from bershka , and the comfortable shoes of Superga from Eurosport Malta!

Having said all of this , it finally brings me to the SURPRISE ! I was proudly offered the place of a brand ambassador with this brand which has given me , well actually you haha a discount code you guys can use! I will link their website down below. At check out make sure to use “itskylemagri” to give yourself 15% off your purchase ! 

That code is also my Instagram handle , so make sure to follow me and keep updated for fashion styles you can wear !

Hope you guys will enjoy the video below and would love hear what you think about this brand!

Credits goes to my brother Rasmus! Follow him on Spotify! ‘Give me light

See ya next time!


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