Great stuff ahead!!

Heeyy guyys!! I am back with another post! Hope you are all doing great ! I have been very busy lately as I was working on a campaign with the one and only Ray-Ban and also I will be starting again school as of next Monday ! Apart from that I am also getting closer to another experience in Belgium with the modelling agency! 

You might have seen some photos of me wearing optical glasses and if you thought I made them for me , no haha thankfully I can see clearly till now! I was luckily enough to be chosen for the latest optical campaign for Ray-Ban along side three more big characters here in Malta ! Hard work pays off , and finally my first actual door has opened after two years of hard working trying to stand-out from other fashion bloggers ! I thank two beautiful ladies that gave me this chance and that kept on helping me give my best to finalise this campaign ! The campaign has a giveaway also , a trip to DISNEYLAND so make sure to follow me and read the caption of the photos! I will be posting five photos that will have to do with the campaign , making a long story short about what my aims are ! The photos will not be following each other as a sequence but they will be posted in different weeks ! Will be leaving my Instagram link down below directly for the photo and also do not forget to hit that follow button and join me in this huge journey!

First Campaign Photo 

For once I am kinda really looking forward to start school , not sure of this strange feeling hahah , maybe because the course I have chosen will actually help my career ! I will be doing a course named “Fashion and Retail” which will have sewing , designing , history of fashion and stuff like that. Basically building the actual designer that is in me! This will also bring study stress but oh well , I chose one of the hardest career so I have to strengthen up myself haha !

Something about the next Belgium event! In like two weeks time we will be there slaying in Belgium haha! This event is known as one of the biggest events the ETM-Agency has , which will consist of a fashion show, loads of photoshoots and also the calendar launch of the agency ! My third experience abroad with this lovely agency which has also became my family! Having two lovely parents which are our directors that only want the best for us ! Thanks to Patrick which is also one the most talented photographers in Malta and well , also in some countries and also his wife Antonella which really stresses herself for us to make sure everything goes as planned! ETM-Malta is one big family! Make sure to like and follow my modelling page to keep yourself up to date and also to join me in this huge journey!


That is all for this post!

See ya next time!


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