Looking for more opportunities!

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Hey you ! Yes, you read the title right, I am asking for opportunities and it is not weird at all! As a blogger I have to show agencies , brands , or other people that I am interested in doing a collaboration with them! There is nothing wrong with that , as time passes opportunities might come along just like my recent Ray-Ban campaign. Although I was contacted by them, sometimes you still have to message them directly and tell them, ‘Hey I want to collab with you , what can you offer?’. Do not write that haha, but you get what I mean! 

As a fashion blogger and stylist I would definitely be up for a review about the brand, product test and review, styling some of the brand clothing in a short video and also a competition/giveaway! Everyone likes giveaways , and yeah I am  trying to bring you some cool stuff towards you guys! 😉

Then as a model I would definitely love to model for a brand or a commercial! Always been my dream to model for brands and now since I am actually modelling (Ps: I always turned down modelling and never felt it was my thing!) I am aiming to work with brands! 

In any case obviously there will be deals and arrangements on how the plan will be held as in if it would be like a blogging section the deal would be just between us but if it requires some modelling in it the deal would have to be between the ‘client’ and my modelling director but again , deals will surely be done! 

I hope this message reaches good eyes and viewers and hopefully a couple of more doors will start opening ! As I told you guys , I am trying to bring some good stuff towards you as well! 

I am also on Freelancer so you can contact me or hire me also there! 


See ya next time! 


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