Met Another Designer At School!

Hey you guys! Hope you are all doing well ! Had a very hectic week with school , work and now started again basketball , well actually continued haha! Already one week in from school , 29 more weeks to go and filled with assignments which I think I might go cray cray !

Enough about the school , as you have read I met another designer at school. I though that the name was not new but could not really get the image of the person immediately but then as soon as I saw her , yes its a her , I remember who she was!

Ladies and gentlemen , I present to you Sef Farrugia a Maltese based designer which is also one of my teachers at school ! It feels great to be thought by current designers , as one would be getting the latest ideas and tips !

Sef bases herself mostly around fashion accessories like silk scarfs , ties , bowties and eye-masks and they are totally amazing ! The patterns are so new and different and material , well silk what can you get better ?

Whether you are a male or female , with her designs I am sure you will be comfortable and also stand out of the crowd ! That is the most important thing , to stand out ! I am leaving a link to her Facebook page and website below for you guys to check her out ! 

Facebook Page – Seffarrugia

Website link –  

See ya next time!


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