I Am Still Here !

Hey there!! Hope you guys miss me as much as I miss posting ! My life right now is bombarded with stuff! Mostly with school and the ton of assignments I got ! Goodness me how I did not miss school haha!

Also last week we arrived from another huge experience in Belgium ! Giving Malta and ourselves more exposure in modelling! And yes , you can represent your own country in many other ways not just football (such a sad mentality that to represent the country “Football” is the first thing that comes up). 

We had an amazing fashion show and also a great international photo shoot continued by the launch of the international ETM calendar 2018 ! I am honoured to say that I was chosen as Mister August 2018 ! I have worked very hard these past 7 months , travelling 3 times with the agency followed by a lot of local shoots! 

Made up some cool and different styles this time in Belgium ! One particular one is a bit vintage but modern at the same time and managed to change some peoples thoughts about that type of style! 

Talking about vintage , next shooting event will have the theme “Vintage” ! What do you think I will be wearing ? Drop your thoughts down in the comments ! 

I post a style from Belgium very soon on my page so make sure to like and follow my journey ! 


See ya next time !