Tetra Għall-Istrina! Giving a helping hand.

Hey guys! Hope you are all doing well and that you had a great week! Had quite a busy week  filled with this project I finished and a couple of tasks from school! 

As many of you know, I am primarily a fashion blogger but there are times where I cannot say no to a project. This one was one of them, I surely could not say no to give a helping hand to “L-Istrina“! As a kid I remember going to events and participating in a  football match every single time this event came up and the amount we pay goes in aid for “L-Istrina”. I could not miss the chance to help them in another way, and here is how everything began!

I was messaged by “GreenMt”  a national scheme created by amazing people! They collect separated waste from numerous Local Councils in Malta and Gozo and recycle waste. They asked me if I wished to form part of their latest campaign, which I accepted. They told me all about their ideas and all I had to do was take a couple of photos with their T-shirt. For some, it might sound simple but for me it was very important and I was honoured that I formed part of this amazing campaign.

The new campaign will be launched during the European Week for Waste Reduction. This campaign which is called “Tetra Għall-Istrina” was created to inspire any individual in the country both Malta & Gozo to increase the recycling and separation of packaged waste. Their aim is to collect as many milk cartons and juices (any brand)! Green MT will be providing €60 for every ton for these types of materials collected in the mentioned week to the Malta Community Chest Fund during the Annual event of Istrina. In this way, they will be providing Istrina with funds and we will be making the environment much better and cleaner !

Here is the end of my latest project! Some final information about this campaign; the material should be lightly rinsed, and put in a any coloured bag (not a black bag) with the carton flattened.  If an individual has a query regarding this initiative, they are free to use the Freephone: 80074444 or 21496965/6 or email on info@greenmt.org

I hope you guys will be giving them a helping hand! It is very easy, just recycle the milk cartons and juices which I bet everyone uses and take them to Schools, Local Councils, Hotels and Commercial entities. Check their Facebook page for updates! https://www.facebook.com/greenmtmalta/ 

Ps; I will be giving a fresh look to my website and should make it look much more organised and professional! #StayTuned


“Tuna l-Kartuna tal-Ħalib u lill-Istrina nagħtu daqqa t’id”

See ya next time!


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