Inspirational Fashion Bloggers!

Hey guys! I welcome you to another new and different category! These couple of months I have focused a lot on my writing skills and also blogging skills to bring you different things and not just the usual!

I named this category “Inspirations” for one reason, to try to inspire you in any way by brining you some figures from around the world! Not only figures but since I am now studying “Fashion and Retail” and most of you knows I am an aspiring fashion designer, I will also be creating collages to get you inspired in putting up your styling game!

For the first post I decided to search a bit about some male fashion bloggers we must know about in this year also the coming which as well serve as an inspiration!
Should we get this post running already?!
Let’s go!

The Gentleman Blogger

Meet Matthew Zorpas the founder of this blog. He is a London based creative consultant who founded “The Gentleman Blogger” in 2012. At first glance I can personally say he definitely dresses ammazinnggg!! All dandy and classy no space for casual style. In fact he obtained the name of “Best Dressed Man” in Britain by Esquire magazine UK in 2010 and GQ Taiwan named him one of top best dressed men in the world for 2013.

The most inspirational thing I found in him was the way he dresses. You might tell “Well I think he is a wealthy person and can afford dressing up every time so why dress smart?” and  will respond to that by telling you “It is not true”! Yes, to dress up every single time that smart you require a good amount of money but dressing smart is investment. 

Ages ago dressing smart was common which had given the men of those times respect and class, now the trend has changed to men dressing up any style which I personally like, we have to modernise ourselves! But nowadays it is said that we just put on a tee, pair of jeans and shoes and we’re done. NO! 

We can dress up as good as the women do and even better! What I am saying is that people of certain “Style” example; “Street Style” sometimes say that they do not like suits or dressing up classy, you cannot say that as that is in our blood ( Fashion kinda blood ). Buying a suit is a big investment, you cannot go to a ceremony, wedding, interview, gala and even a graduation with a pair of sweatpants on, definitely not!

I hope you guys out there check this blogger out and read his post and hopefully get inspired by investing into a great looking suit! I am sure you will not regret getting one and that you will say “Kyle was 100% RIGHT!

What My Boyfriend Wore

At first glance in seeing the name of this blog I said to myself “This sounds very cheesy and different” which was why It got me curious in checking it out! This blog is one of the most diverse blog I have seen so far! At the beginning it actually was ran by his girlfriend as she adored writing about his style and also posting them to Instagram.


Style wise, he is one amazing classy person! Always rocking that “Smart-Casual” look for his everyday routine. The styles are just so pleasant to the eyes that if you start scrolling through the Instagram of the page you will not manage of stopping!

Sergio, which is the main attraction of this blog mostly inspired me of being true to himself and to us, documenting his life in a total different way and connecting fashion styling together to create this unique blog! The name itself already attracts which is another thing, not just a normal blog name but a very interesting name!

Going through his blog you will not only see lifestyle and fashion posts but also step-by-step posts how to do certain things, here is one of his posts; “How To flower Your Pocket Square




You already know what you are going to expect from this one just by the name! Another blog with amazing content and strong inspiration! Meet Adam Gallagher the founder and genius behind this amazing blog I AM GALLA, which aids the men’s demographic with styling tips, trend alerts and obviously huge inspiration. In the menswear world, Gallagher stands out due to his exceptional ability to blend his native California aesthetic with a sharp New York approach to fashion.

Adam covers three different categories which are fashion, travel and lifestyle. The first couple of things that caught my eye were the name and the photos. In his photos he displays and manages to share the feeling with us.

In difference with the other bloggers I featured, Gallagher manages to rock every style, from that casual street look up to that classy touch of style! Comparing myself to one these bloggers I would definitely associate myself to Adam, as I am also one that loves to change up my style and also being different by mixing up styles!

What is actually special about him though? Well one thing which is very special is that he manages to blend everything together even though he covers three total different categories all together! Really keeping up with fashion trend and fashion weeks which is very difficult and also a thing I really wish to do, keeping up also with fashion weeks around the world but it is difficult to me due to school and other projects I have, but they are on my “To-Do List“!

Another thing is he also manages to share what he felt in his writing and photos in his Travel category and also blending fashion in it! I personally am obsessed on safari themes, wether it is fashion related, lifestyle related or even the actual safari story itself, nature is just amazing that I am pleased in having found this blog and read his “Giraffe Manor” post! While going through the photos and reading the post I felt as if I lived it with him!

Unfortunately the time to end this post has come! In my two years of blogging and developing my skills this post is definitely the longest, most creative and interesting post I think I have ever done! I surely loved writing this post and also it has been a pleasure in reading some of the posts of this great bloggers!

To recap everything, the bloggers I have featured are specified on in fashion and also in travel and lifestyle! All three of them cover three different inspirations which I hope they will inspire you as well!

I hope you guys have enjoyed reading this post and also would like to get some feedback from you amazing people if you would like me to do more posts like this! Last but not least, make sure to follow these guys as I am sure they will be a great benefit and inspiration to you!

PS; I also kept myself speechless when I saw how much I wrote in this post! In total I have written exactly 1200 words!

See ya next time!


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