Essential Accessories!

Hey you! How has your week been so far? Mine has been quite busy and filled with great stuff which leads to more work! As I have been saying in the latest posts, I am always developing myself and going out of my comfort zone, being a fashion model really gave me much more confidence and more ideas, therefor this will be the first accessory aimed post with a touch of a video!

As many of you might know, men are more to be liked when they wear some sort of accessory, it does not matter what it will be. It could be a necklace, watch, bracelet or even the three of them! Accessories tend to make us look better believe it or not, they show some sort of confidence when we wear them and also a touch of class when wearing the perfect watch with that dashing suit!


Just a simple watch made me and the photo look a little more better than just me there posing like *I’m so bored* look haha! If you are in need of a watch I got this one from Asos ( actually it was a present ❤️ ) but yeah, I am sure you will find one that suits you and your daily lifestyle!


What can a necklace do? Well I am pretty sure certain necklaces gives you that “Rebellious” feeling which I got when I wore the necklace above this! A simple but detailed and refined piece of jewellery which again does not keep me plain but gives me that touch of something special! Here is how I dressed it!


And an even closer look to this beautiful necklace!


I probably have said enough! Let me share with you the video I created thanks to my father’s help and also this time I had my mother helping me as well ( she threw me the jacket ) !

Hope you guys enjoyed this post and also the video as much as I enjoyed shooting it! Make sure to check out NoMatter for some more amazing accessories which I am sure you will love! Also do not forget to subscribe to my mail, it can be found in the side menu

See ya next time!



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