My Very First Big Brand Campaign!

Weekend is finally with us! I have been postponing this post for a while now but I decided that it was time to share this with you! As a young person like me and also one of the few male fashion bloggers out there it is hard to get noticed, especially if one is going kind of against the odds.  What do I mean with this? My biggest aim is to inspire or at least help and also try to push the movement of males fashion further especially locally.

Searching for inspirations to bring to you, style myself to maybe give you some new ideas how to style for certain occasions and locations. I cannot say that I am pushing this movement as even though I ask you guys for feedback very few and almost nobody does give me feedback but that does not stop me. 

The  previous post I focused on accessories, I have big plans and also trying to work with some brands to try and bring to you some great offers, the only thing I ask is for you  to give me feedback, as simple as that! Having said this, let us get this post started!!

I think you guessed what this post will be about….RAY-BAN!!!! Months I was contacted by a foreign agency from Dubai that works with big brands like Ray-Ban. At first I though it was some sort of a scam but then after some emails it turned out being a great experience! As some of you might have noticed on Instagram I did post some special posts about a Ray-Ban campaign which it was this one. I was also featured on the page of Vision Opticians as part of this huge campaign!


The campaign was about their new optical collection and luckily enough I chose the one that they were focusing on! At first I was not so comfortable wearing them as I do not need any optical glasses but after a while I got used to them. They definitely gave me a total different look and style which I got comfortable with immediately!


The time this project was planned to start was at the time I had to go abroad with my modelling Agency ( ETM – Malta ) to Leeds. One sure thing is that I took these glasses wherever I went and also stressed me a bit as I had to take these shots while having a short time at my disposal. 


While I was in Leeds I wanted to try out some different looks also since I was working on this campaign I had to give my best! You do not see all the style in this photo but I wore what is called a “Brown Double Monk” shoes. Mixing casual with smart is definitely a thing I love doing. Wearing the “Faqa’ Sew” t-shirt from Parascandalo.


Final part of this post 😟!! In this photo I am wearing a full look by Gagliardi. As you can see these opticals are great with every look and also they give a different touch to the outfits, like a spicy – classy look!

That is all for this post! I hope you guys enjoyed and felt excited while reading it! As I said in the beginning I got huge plans ahead so make sure to subscribe to my mail “left side menu” to keep yourself up-to-date! 

See ya next time!



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