Miss Winter Elegance Interval – ETM Malta Model!

GUUUYYSSSS!!! Christmas is very close and I hope you finished all the shopping by now! This is the pre-ending post for this year! During this competition there was a special moment were previous winners went down the cat-walk. The first one was our super model Denise Spiteri which has achieved a lot at a young unbelievable age!

This great character and beautiful lady is one of the most outgoing female models I know! Her nickname given by the agency is “The Maltese Belen!” because she looks like her which she really does, here see for yourself!


The photo of Denise was taken in Belgium by our Director Patrick Spiteri helped by Cheska and myself by helping with lights to provide shadows and lighting!

Denise had just returned  back to Malta from her latest work abroad in Italy right on the day of the competition and she still slayed the cat-walk! Here is our beauty!


Photography credits once again goes to the talented Manuel Aquilina! Check out his page for more amazing photos — Manquilina Photography!

Lastly do not forget to like and follow this beautiful talented model of ETM Malta!


See ya next time!



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