Summarising My Latest Styling Looks And End Of Year Post!

Hey you guys! Just two days for another new year filled with unexpected memories and events! Like a week and a half ago I mentioned something about some work I had to do and also lately you might have seen me post some outfit looks from River Island and NewLook, well that was my work! 

With pleasure I can announce my partnership alongside Hudson Group Malta which I will be styling myself from certain brands every month trying to come up with some great and efficient looks! I might also throw some giveaways now and then so if you got some ideas of how I should do these giveaways or maybe what should I include feel free to comment them below or if you are more comfortable telling them privately feel free to hit me up with an email or just message me on any social media!

This months three looks were Modern Smart Casual, Street Style and Sporting Style.

The first look I posted was the Modern Smart Casual. The shirt was definitely a great addition to my wardrobe as I have been telling myself I need another shirt for a long time ( shirt lover alert)! 


I found this beauty at NewLook! They had some great stuff and I’m sure they refilled themselves with more great stuff as they always have an open wide of styles! For this time I matched this shirt with my ripped washed jeans and a pair of brown loafers! 

Really loved the outcome but I was thinking maybe next time I will level it up and use it for a smart style instead of casual, will see how it comes!

Next style was the Street Style with another piece from NewLook! This might look quite plain but as I saw it, it immediately caught my eye! That embroidered rose is definitely great to make this type of style!


It is a very minimal t-shirt which it also caught the eye of many other people! As a person I like to try many different looks and as you might have seen my Insta Posts and also my journey through fashion aanndd also the drastic change from only these two photos above you can see that I am quite comfortable in wearing different styles!

The final look was the Sporting Look this time from River Island! I have been searching for this specific mix of materials in this type of style for years and now I have finally managed to get my hands on it! This half-zip hoodie has an upper part of sport material, arms and abdomen part of normal cotton material BUT INSIDE IT IS FLEECY


If you did not get your hands on this hoodie yet make sure to get it! You can only imagine the comfortability and warmth you will have in a cold morning jog! Definitely a must for this winter! 

With this said it brings us to an end! I hope this journey alongside Hudson Group Malta will continue and get better in the coming months! 

What can I say, this year was a huge year for me for my blogging career as I had chances to work with a some brands and also develop myself even more, started modelling and so far I am really moving forward as a model and also forming part of the agency as more than a model. 

Enjoy these last couple of days and HAPPY NEW YEAR YOU GUYS!! THANK YOU FOR SUPPORTING ME!! DO NOT FORGET TO SUBSCRIBE TO MY MAILING LIST! (Just got hyped haha)! 

See ya next year!


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