Fashion In Movies!

Fashion is growing with a fast pace which is why sometimes it gets hard to keep up with, whether it’s in musicals, music videos, movies or anything were fashion can make part of! More materials are being discovered and mixed with different materials making a unique garment,  a lot of young aspiring designers are working hard to take their fashion designing level up a notch  to keep up with the worlds famous designers.

At the moment we are seeing a lot of unique and brilliant fashion styling in movies. Designers are really working hard to show what they are capable of! Lately I saw two movies which when it comes to fashion, the designs were truly amazing, these are “The Greatest Showman” and “Black Panther”.

“The Greatest Showman”

From the cover photo of this movie we can immediately see that there will be a strong focus on how the actors were styled! Here is what I’m talking about!


The first thing that the eyes look at is at one of the main actors which is Hugh Jackman and his amazing outfit portraying a modern version of the typical outfit for this type of character!

The other look that attracts the eyes is the one of Rebecca Ferguson (Jenny Lind). Her first look was the most astonishing one. She was styled with a magnificent evening gown with the top part in a form of a jacket filled with peals forming some sort of design to make it richer! The gown then gets divided in two parts were you have the first layer cut in three quarters over the actual gown. This look is definitely a look of a queen!




“Black Panther”

The designers and stylists in this movie got CRAZY!! It started we an amazing start with the look of the “Black Panther” himself but then when we saw the look of the whole village I’m sure most of us if not everyone was left without words! Here is the look of the black panther! 



After this masterpiece of a costume, many more came following it! The outfits that they wore while in the village are just amazing! The designer visioned the style and formed traditional and contemporary style into a whole collection that made the movie one of the most awaited and enjoyable movies of the year!




As you can see yourself, fashion plays a huge part in movies and the  designer of “Black Panther” definitely knew it! It also plays a huge part in basically every single thing; music videos, concerts, exhibitions, EVERYTHING! 

Fashion always had that main part in everything as fashion is not just clothes. It shows emotions, feelings, talent and what the mind has to offer! The styling itself can better how we see the object being displayed in front of us! It might sound silly to some but if you see a movie with bad fashion and styling you won’t like it as much as if it had better fashion and styling!

That’s all from this post! Hope you guys liked this, if you did and want to see more make sure to subscribe to my mailing list to keep yourself updated!

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