Some Reasons Why I Paused Blogging.

Heya guyss!! I hope you’re all doing greatt! I’ve been super quiet in months and I noticed that eventually I paused my blog. There are plenty of reasons why I ended up pausing my blog, one of the reasons is that I started working on another blog which is quite taking the few time I used to make to write on my own blog.

This other blog is all about men’s fashion, grooming, health and anything that has to do with men. We’re also focusing on the Maltese men as well as we saw that there isn’t much when it comes to men in Malta. I am the researcher and writer and my partner on this blog is an editor which takes care of the design and finishing touches of my writing.

This blog can end in months, years or it can keep on going strong but we need your help in helping us share the tips we write about! So go check out the blog and also like our facebook page!


Another reason why I paused my blog is that I am trying to figure out were I stand. Basically as a person myself I like to try out many things which the blog I talked about previously is one of them. I’ve always liked being different and creative which I think is the reason why I like to try out a lot of stuff and lately I’ve gotten deep into creative content creation ( CCC ).

I also started a new Instagram account so I can start fresh and build a better social media presence! I ended up buying a Nikon d3400 and a lot of extra accessories that can help me create some unbelievable shots to make the best content. I also started learning and getting to know better the Adobe softwares which got me in enrolling myself into a course with ICE Malta in a graphic designing course.

*Here are some shots I took* Comment down below your thoughts about these!



It’s definitely going to almost take all the free time I try to make until I finish the course and also after it finishes. Hopefully if I pass this course I’ll manage to grow more within this line and also maybe manage to find a great job that will help me find my proper place! 

See ya next time!


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