Testing out a Fashion Week outfit!

I’m honoured to say that I tested Springfield’s Fashion Week outfit. One simple difference was

that I wore the outfit differently than the model himself.  I wore the striped shirt under the t-shirt 

to bring out a different style than usual.  Bringing out the uniqueness of new styles to people’s 

eyes. It’s s pity that he didn’t wear the outfit in a more uncommon way.  But after all I’m still

happy I got to try out the outfit in a different way and before everyone else ! 

Photography by Steve Muliett

Love to skandlu!

As some of you know , last night “PARASCANDALO” showed his new collection to everyone and it’s a STUNNER! Like….WOW! Unfortunately I couldn’t attend to his show but I followed him from home.

I really love his new quote on the garments, which goes like this “MHUX KULMA JLEQQ HU DEHEB” which means something like this “that not every shiny thing is worth it.”

Since I couldn’t wear my own “SKANDLU” look last night , I wore it today! I’m wearing my “TWIN JERRIES” , asleeveless jacket , denim jeans , and my beloved airforce one! 

Photo’s by Ian attard!



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Yesterday morning for the new designers fashion show I tried something different than what I’m used to. I’m wearing a long-line t-shirt under a leather bomber jacket which I both purchased from Asos and for a different colour range , I wore blue nike’s which I bought from Tigné Point in Sliema.