NAAR Fashion Show BY EventsbyB!

Hey guys! I hope you’re doing great! On the 22nd of August I attended a fashion show as a blogger. I was supposed to attend it as a model as well but unfortunately the shop that I was going to model for, dropped out in the last minutes. 

The fashion show took place at NAAR Restobar, St.Julians ! The location is super relaxing as from what I saw you can have quite a great day! The place is a restaurant and also a bar reason why it is called “Restobar”, they serve great food and also give you great vibes with their choice of music! 

In the fashion show there were two different brands that showcased their collection which are RC Stilleti and Carlos Intimo. All the models that participated are from ETM Malta, a European modelling agency that brings up monthly themed photoshoots locally and abroad!

Starting off with the collection of RC Stilleti. The brand emerges from Italian routes giving a bit those Versace vibes! A lot of patterned trousers and tops, stylish heels and trendy accessories! The store is located in Hamrun, opposite of “tal-Lira” shop! The price range there is really affordable and you’ll definitely make a couple of great looks there! 

Moving on to the second part of this fashion show. It was the turn of Carlos Intimo to show some of the bikini currently in stock! This shop offers bikini, lingerie and also night wear  and under wear. This shop is also situated in Hamrun but more further up, next to “Cafe Trivoli”. Let’s take a look at the bikini’s showcased in this fashion show!

And that’s everything about this fashion show! A big well done to all models and directors that helped in making all of this happen and also for the event director of EventsByB! Last but not least, well done to Stefan Stafrace for his great photography and a big thanks for letting me use them for this blog post!


Organised by “EventsByB” and “ETM Malta & Gozo
Hair by “Artistic Orange by Bernice” and “D Hair & Beauty by Dorianne
Make-Up “Hair and Make-up by Valerie” and “Analise The Make Up Artist
Clothes “RC Stilleti” and “Carlos Intimo” 
Venue “NAAR Restobar

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What is a “Fashion Blogger”?

Hey guys! 

Hope you all had a great weekend! To start the week I finally decided to write this post which was approved by some of my fellow followers! I already had done this research before in order to develop myself, be different and better but this time I made a deeper research for you guys!

What is a “Fashion Blogger”?

That’s the biggest question fashion enthusiasts mostly ask themselves! I myself was one and when I made my research I was able to grow and become a legit fashion blogger! I think most of the people think fashion blogging is very easy, just pose with some cool outfits, make a facebook page and post them and then you’re a fashion blogger.

That’s not even close to being a fashion blogger. Primarily, to be a fashion blogger one has to own his own website and writes blog posts and not just about a cool style you created! This hobby/job carries more than you think, it’s a mash up of a Fashion Influencer, Outfit Blogger and also Fashion Editor! Let me break these down;

Fashion Influencer;

This person influences people to be themselves when they wear something and also collaborates with other brands to get discounts for their followers. In order to work with great brands one must have a great amount of followers and also engagement, especially on Instagram which is the leading social media app that fashion influencers and brands use to promote themselves!

Outfit Blogger;

This person aims in trying to create trends or some different styles that no one seen or barely seen out in the streets! They blog about their style in saying how they got inspired, mentioning the clothing brands name for the chance of maybe being featured on their pages and also influencing other people! 

An outfit blogger is an influencer as well but aims more to create his/her own styling ideas choosing his/her own brands!

Fashion Editor;

This person is more likely to be a magazine writer, following how fashion is evolving, trends changes and searching about fashion houses. They can also style photoshoots or write about a certain events. These used to hold the front rows in all important fashion events but now they share it with influencers and bloggers!


To be a legit fashion blogger one must own these three areas! It takes time, devotion and patience, for example I have been researching so I can know more on how I will be writing this post that it took me a week of research and find time whenever I could and also wrote this post after midnight as that was the moment I had some free time. 

For me fashion blogging is a job, I put time and devotion into every post, I might not get paid for it and barely get any feedback or attention but I keep myself positive in whatever I do and motivate myself to be better! I’m sure that time will come!

The following posts are some posts that clarify what I’m saying is true,
that I am a legit fashion blogger;

  • Fashion Editor; Previous post featuring the latest collection of Tommy Hilfiger and Gigi Hadid! I looked up why they chose this theme, what those the theme mean/refer to them and also chose the most outfits I personally liked!
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TOMMYNOW “Drive” Spring 2018 Collection!


I wrote another post about a research for A/W 17! 
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Male Fashion Trends A/W 2017-18


  • Fashion Influencer; This was the first time I collaborated with a brand! I had the honour to work with one of the brands I really love, Ray-Ban! I worked on their last optical campaign of last year and also featured on Vision Opticians alongside some known Maltese characters, which for me was a pleasure to work with on the same campaign! I was requested to take specific photos showing off the optical glasses I was given to feature!
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My Very First Big Brand Campaign!

  • Outfit Blogger; Lately I have started collaborating with Hudson Group Malta! I will be creating different styles on a monthly base and blog about the look! For last months style I wore a navy blue roll neck from River Island and matched it with a pair of blue washed jeans and brown double monk shoes from Gagliardi!
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Smart Casual Look!


I will start planning my next outfit this week so make sure to keep an eye out for the photos on my instagram, @itskylemagri . I have been saying that great things are coming towards and finally they are! Make sure to follow me!

That should be it! I hope you guys enjoyed this post, if you did please like this post and share it with your friends!

See ya next time!


Interview with Claudia Faniello !

Hey guys! It is good to be back here and happy second week of 2017 ! This will be a great way to start the year!  It is not an everyday thing that you get to interview a celebrity of your own country, luckily enough it happened to me! I got an amazing pleasure to interview a famous singer here in Malta which this is her 10th time contesting for the Eurovision. She is the beautiful Claudia Faniello!  The interview consisted in both singing and fashion sections , so let us start! 


The first question I asked her was , how did she get to know about her talent ? Well it is a family thing , her mother and her brother both are singers and it was her turn to continue the blood line in singing and so she did. 

At only 2 years old she showed how talented she is in singing. She sang on stage  “My heart will go on” by Celine Dion , which is quite astonishing ! Years passed and at 10 years old , Claudia wanted to enter a concert were she could show everyone what she is capable of , yet she did not have the go ahead. 

As she went along , she started realising music was changing. Claudia grew older and went into the teenage phase , were she was getting to like bands , rather than just singers. One of her first favourite bands was “HIM” and their vocalist “Ville Valo”.

I then asked her , who was her idol , and she told me “Madonna”. Claudia immediately told me that Madonna was her idol in a characteristic way not as a singer. She sees her as a person with stamina , artistic figure with a powerful character.

Claudia did not feel as a competitor as she felt more comfortable singing on stages , karaoke’s and pub’s. She had no teachers , no mentors , and all do women, that is what I call a strong women! She trained herself on her vocals and found a different style than others as she wanted to be distinct from others. She even wrote songs for local artists. 

*A chance came up! In 2006 , Claudia was offered a song of Olivia Louise which was “High Alert!“. This was her first competition song in the Eurovision. I asked her why the red dress , and she told me , “I rarely wear red but that time I did haha!”. The dress was made by the amazing couple Charles and Ron.

*Number 2 – “L-Imhabba Ghamja” in 2007. Her look make me get interested in what she was wearing. From the first song to this one , she had a big transformation. Claudia took an idea of the dress from “Sarah Brightman“. A black off-shoulder dress filled with silver detail and a silver tiara made her look just like a queen of passion! On this note I asked her how different is her daily style compared to on stage style. She replied saying she likes to keep it relax and comfortable in daily life , but loves to be versatile and takes it to the extreme when she is on stage!

*Number 3 – The famous “Caravaggio” in 2008 . In this song she placed second and is as you can imagine , a fans favourite song. In this song Claudia mixed vintage with modern , wearing a puffed shirt as they used to wear those days and a corset on the outside. A very vintage and clean look. In the background there was “Justin Brincat” who was artistically painting the face of Claudia in just 3 minutes! That year was Caravaggio’s anniversary as well! So , good choice Claudia ! 

*Number 4 – “Sunrise” in 2008 as well. I got to know that violet usually brings bad luck on stage for singers. When I asked Claudia the reason why she wore violet , she replied telling me that she did not believe in superstitions, she felt like wearing violet and so she did. Quite a women filled with courage haha! 

*Number 5 – “Blue Sonata” 2009. At this time , Claudia had some changes in life and felt adventures , going with short hair and that style of dress. The material’s used for the dress were of “Roberto Cavalli”. A light blue self designed flowy dress with a V like in the middle accompanied by a chain. A very very amazing dress! 

*Number 6 – “Samsara” 2010. I must say , Claudia you have courage! Once again , wearing a violet dress on stage haha. A very eye catching dress , filled with detail and slits , with golden like belts keeping the dress in structure. It looks quite adventures and jungleish that kind of matches the song. Samara actually means the cycle of life , the re-born.

*Number 7 – “Movie in my mind” 2011. A total transformation , this time was really like she was re-born. Going all out on rock style. That time she felt purely herself and wanted to rebel against the norm so she went the rock style. Wearing matte leather biker like with a corset underneath.

*Number 8 – “Pure” 2012. This look is a memorable look as she was definitely a queen, simple , sophisticated silver with chiffon like material. Dress was designed by Carina and herself and tailored by Joe Parnis . This song was and still is a very known song of Claudia. She placed 2nd , is fans favourite and placed 1st place on iTunes on Malta’s charts. After the contest , she was contacted by the manager of “Anggun” another singer , to duet one of her winning songs “Snow in the sahara“. After their duet , they repaid Claudia back by duetting “Pure” , following this hyperlink you will be directed to their duet of Pure.

*Number 9 – “When it’s time” 2013 . A new look for her on stage , rather military like but from a different aspect as the design had a particular shape and touch , which I personally love! A blue military shirt ending like a flower. This song was written by “Errol Sammut” which makes part of the band  “Airport Impressions” .This was the time where she introduced her band to the public. Look once again designed by Carina and herself. Music video by the Mcast Students. 


*And the last song which is number 10 is yet to be performed on the 18th of February 2017! After “When it’s time” Claudia took a break from contests and focused on her singles. In between of these 4 years of no competitions , Claudia wrote 3 more songs which are “One fine day” (written by Errol and herself) , “Miles away” (written by Errol and herself) and “You said” (written fully by her).  She will surely be wearing a wonderful and astonishing dress made by “Gaetano Busuttil“! Make sure to learn the song so you can accompany and support Claudia ! She will be singing the last song with “Breathlessly”, down below you will find the meaning of it.


“Breathlessly” is an emotional power ballad, with very meaningful lyrics and a beautiful melody and music arrangement. It is not your standard bling bling song, it is a song that comes direct from the heart. I love its sophistication, too. The story is very simple, yet very real. It talks about our inner emotions, and how we battle through them at various stages in our releationship with our loved one. It talks about those very special unspoken words, that are so powerful and meaningful. It talks about a simple, yet sometimes very complicated journey we live inside our heart.





Featuring Mc-Fashion by Malcolm Cremona “Neon Lights”

In this post I will be featuring some other of Mc-Fashion by Malcolm Cremona clothes , make-up work by Moana and something different. Starting off with Malcolm , this post is about the collection “NEON LIGHTS” showing off two pieces from the collection.The models were Leanne Cauchi and Lorraine Barbara , two very talented models. We had two extra models which played a big part as well , these are Ryan Micallef  and young girl named trista , a very cute one! The models were all styled by me and suggested some posing ideas as well , especially Ryan as he did not know how to pose haha!


Passing onto Moana’s work , her way in doing make up is amazing! She is a very talented make-up artist and in bringing out new ideas as well! If you are in need of a make-up artist or you have an urgent occasion for nails as well, I can surely say she is worth a try as you will not regret going to her shop! The shop is located in Haz-Zebbug , named “Unique Blend” . Make sure to check her facebook page through the hyperlink.


Onto the final part , the something different. Malcolm chose these two dresses for a reason , as the theme was candy. The theme was brought up by Claire Caruana. You may ask who is this Claire ?  Well Claire is the creator of the muffins and cake! She comes up with unbelievable ideas and creations ! So if you got a party or something , you better contact her as her sweets are delicious !



And that is it for this post! I hope that you enjoyed it as much as we enjoyed shooting for it! To end it in a happy note , at the final stages the models posed as they felt , and here is the outcome!

Have a good day guys ! 



Featuring Mc-Fashion by Malcolm Cremona “Walk the Talk”

Featuring the work of MC-FASHION by Malcolm Cremona . Had the great pleasure to help finish the look of the models and blog as well! Featured collections are “Walk the talk” displayed in the Malta Fashion Week 2016 and “Union Jack” first displayed privately and then publicly presented as a Summer Collection at the World Next Top Model Malta 2015. Make-up by Unique Blend by Moana.