First Lookbook With Danyl!!🔥


Heeyy guysss!! I hope you’re doing great! After almost a year of talking and planning ahead of us my pal Danyl and I finally worked on something together!

We met in October if I’m not mistaken, it’s when school starts no? My old ass went back to school last year and there is where I met the man himself! We immediately became great friends and started planning ahead of us but then I dropped school and kept on chasing my dreams.

A time were I wanted to do more than I already do and work harder in promoting different fashion and confidence in Malta, hit me hard and I went on someone that I knew that had the same push and energy like me and here is the outcome! 


We decided to go for this modern/vintage look in a modern location to make sure to get the contrast we wanted! We chose certain items that really took out the vintage out from the outfit. 

Our aim was to start strong and see what you guys think about us working together and also about what we can manage to bring you guys! A simple comment for us means a lot! It means support and push to do more and more, to get better and brainstorm better ideas to promote fashion!

Danyl and I might not have the same style, to be honest it’s literally different as Danyl is all out streetstyle and hypebeast when on the other hand I’m more of an all rounder, smart casual person with a difference that I love trying out different styles! What we have the same is the push to promote fashion here in Malta and our future plans, that’s what united us! 

I think I have said enough about how we met and our vision haha! 

Guys go check out this very first lookbook we worked on! Don’t forget to leave a comment somewhere either here or on my page or come message us! Also SHARE SHARE SHARE!!!! ❤️ We are already planning on something great ahead which you will….. 😅 I’ll tell you later! 

In the mean time check out our video!!! 

A huge thank you goes to Ian Bray and my girl Kaya Buhagiar for the amazing work they did! Lastly don’t forget to subscribe to DANYL’S YOUTUBE CHANNEL! 

See ya next time!


Men’s Luxurious Wallet!

Hey guys! Hope you’re all doing great, it’s already mid-week and I’m back here with another post! A couple of months ago I received a gift and I decided to go and shoot some photos and write a blog post unfortunately I got really busy but here it is!

The name of the shop is “The Mens Wallet Shop“, you can find a couple of bracelets but it focuses mainly on wallets and they also got some cool minimal card only holders! I was gifted one of their luxurious business wallets!

There is in black and brown in my case I got the brown as I love brown accessories! The wallet has a very professional business look and goes perfectly with a navy blue suit (just gave my outfit look away 😅)!  The wallet can hold up to 12 cards which if you do, lend me some of those cards hahah!! 


For those guys that might hate having the phone in a pocket and their wallet in another, this wallet can solve that problem as your mobile can fit inside! It has a zipper that when you open it you’ll have 3 sections, 2 open sections on the sides and a zipped section in the middle mostly to keep your coins inside.

Big thank you goes to Ryan Coleman for sending me this amazing wallet! Was definitely a pleasure going out with it!

Make sure to keep reading until you reach the end as I got some discount codes for you guys to use!!!


For this shoot I wore my navy blue Ermenegildo Zegna suit with my dark brown double monk Gagliardi shoes! The wallet matched perfectly with my shoes making the perfect combination! Can’t forget the white handkerchief and one of my many Gagliardi ties 😅! To finish the look I wore my custom designed Colton James Watch



Before ending this post, earlier I told you about some discount codes for you guys and here they are!

Wallet; Use 20OFFNOW to give yourself 20% off your whole bill! Also they have free shipping worldwide!

Watch; Use itskylemagri to give yourself 15% off your whole bill!

Colton James offer ready design watches for both male and female and you can also customise your own watch design! 

See ya next time!


Summarising My Latest Styling Looks And End Of Year Post!

Hey you guys! Just two days for another new year filled with unexpected memories and events! Like a week and a half ago I mentioned something about some work I had to do and also lately you might have seen me post some outfit looks from River Island and NewLook, well that was my work! 

With pleasure I can announce my partnership alongside Hudson Group Malta which I will be styling myself from certain brands every month trying to come up with some great and efficient looks! I might also throw some giveaways now and then so if you got some ideas of how I should do these giveaways or maybe what should I include feel free to comment them below or if you are more comfortable telling them privately feel free to hit me up with an email or just message me on any social media!

This months three looks were Modern Smart Casual, Street Style and Sporting Style.

The first look I posted was the Modern Smart Casual. The shirt was definitely a great addition to my wardrobe as I have been telling myself I need another shirt for a long time ( shirt lover alert)! 


I found this beauty at NewLook! They had some great stuff and I’m sure they refilled themselves with more great stuff as they always have an open wide of styles! For this time I matched this shirt with my ripped washed jeans and a pair of brown loafers! 

Really loved the outcome but I was thinking maybe next time I will level it up and use it for a smart style instead of casual, will see how it comes!

Next style was the Street Style with another piece from NewLook! This might look quite plain but as I saw it, it immediately caught my eye! That embroidered rose is definitely great to make this type of style!


It is a very minimal t-shirt which it also caught the eye of many other people! As a person I like to try many different looks and as you might have seen my Insta Posts and also my journey through fashion aanndd also the drastic change from only these two photos above you can see that I am quite comfortable in wearing different styles!

The final look was the Sporting Look this time from River Island! I have been searching for this specific mix of materials in this type of style for years and now I have finally managed to get my hands on it! This half-zip hoodie has an upper part of sport material, arms and abdomen part of normal cotton material BUT INSIDE IT IS FLEECY


If you did not get your hands on this hoodie yet make sure to get it! You can only imagine the comfortability and warmth you will have in a cold morning jog! Definitely a must for this winter! 

With this said it brings us to an end! I hope this journey alongside Hudson Group Malta will continue and get better in the coming months! 

What can I say, this year was a huge year for me for my blogging career as I had chances to work with a some brands and also develop myself even more, started modelling and so far I am really moving forward as a model and also forming part of the agency as more than a model. 

Enjoy these last couple of days and HAPPY NEW YEAR YOU GUYS!! THANK YOU FOR SUPPORTING ME!! DO NOT FORGET TO SUBSCRIBE TO MY MAILING LIST! (Just got hyped haha)! 

See ya next year!


My Very First Big Brand Campaign!

Weekend is finally with us! I have been postponing this post for a while now but I decided that it was time to share this with you! As a young person like me and also one of the few male fashion bloggers out there it is hard to get noticed, especially if one is going kind of against the odds.  What do I mean with this? My biggest aim is to inspire or at least help and also try to push the movement of males fashion further especially locally.

Searching for inspirations to bring to you, style myself to maybe give you some new ideas how to style for certain occasions and locations. I cannot say that I am pushing this movement as even though I ask you guys for feedback very few and almost nobody does give me feedback but that does not stop me. 

The  previous post I focused on accessories, I have big plans and also trying to work with some brands to try and bring to you some great offers, the only thing I ask is for you  to give me feedback, as simple as that! Having said this, let us get this post started!!

I think you guessed what this post will be about….RAY-BAN!!!! Months I was contacted by a foreign agency from Dubai that works with big brands like Ray-Ban. At first I though it was some sort of a scam but then after some emails it turned out being a great experience! As some of you might have noticed on Instagram I did post some special posts about a Ray-Ban campaign which it was this one. I was also featured on the page of Vision Opticians as part of this huge campaign!


The campaign was about their new optical collection and luckily enough I chose the one that they were focusing on! At first I was not so comfortable wearing them as I do not need any optical glasses but after a while I got used to them. They definitely gave me a total different look and style which I got comfortable with immediately!


The time this project was planned to start was at the time I had to go abroad with my modelling Agency ( ETM – Malta ) to Leeds. One sure thing is that I took these glasses wherever I went and also stressed me a bit as I had to take these shots while having a short time at my disposal. 


While I was in Leeds I wanted to try out some different looks also since I was working on this campaign I had to give my best! You do not see all the style in this photo but I wore what is called a “Brown Double Monk” shoes. Mixing casual with smart is definitely a thing I love doing. Wearing the “Faqa’ Sew” t-shirt from Parascandalo.


Final part of this post 😟!! In this photo I am wearing a full look by Gagliardi. As you can see these opticals are great with every look and also they give a different touch to the outfits, like a spicy – classy look!

That is all for this post! I hope you guys enjoyed and felt excited while reading it! As I said in the beginning I got huge plans ahead so make sure to subscribe to my mail “left side menu” to keep yourself up-to-date! 

See ya next time!



Colton James Watch ! ⌚️

Hey guys! Finally everything is finished being edited and here is the outcome ! The famous Colton James Watch post! I was really looking forward to writing the post for multiple reasons , apart from being a very amazing brand , I wanted to share with you something else and something you might like. Let us keep the best for last 😉

In this post I will be giving some great details about this brand , so relax , get comfortable  and enjoy this post!

Starting with , who created this brand ? They are a pair of engineering students with a shared passion: elegant, stylish and minimal wristwatches. After becoming frustrated with what is available on the market within the constraints of quality, design, personalisation and affordability, they set out to build the perfect watch which raises the bar in these four fields and they greatly succeeded! 


The two engineers pursued a design inspired by a theme and a meaning – essentially having a character yet being undeniably classic and timeless. This brought a new design language to the watch world. Not only just a new look, but one drawn from history.

The history of the wrist watch dates back to 1810, however its popularity was solely among women. It only became popular among men during the Anglo Boer war due to its convenience. This era also marks the birth of the propeller aircraft. In World War One both the propeller aircraft and the wrist watch were officially issued to aid and implement new strategies.

The wrist watch used alongside aircraft in their early beginnings created the theme and character inspiration used to design our watches. Using premium materials, the watches succeed in defining elegance in simplicity drawn from the design of the trench watches and early propeller aircraft. 

Their mission.

They aim to offer timepieces that are luxurious, affordable and customisable in a way that any individual can add their own unique touch of personality. With additional pledges beyond our goal, we aim to create a much larger and more diverse range of straps (including adding colour schemes and new materials) and a new watch model before the end of the year. 

What do they have better than others?

Let me start by saying you can build your own watch! Colton James offers you a wide selection of timepieces and straps for both male and female which one can customise his or her own watch , which I personally did for my first purchase ! Also you know the brand is worth it when the case itself is all detailed already ! 


You can style them for every occasion ! It is my turn now. I present you the watch I built! (The surprise will soon come!) I wanted to bring you something different and decided to do like a lookbook video about the watch ! I was helped by my bestfriend Cheska Alker which I will put a link to her YouTube channel down below and do not forget to subscribe!<<
s: We made a Tinder video , I think you might laugh a bit !) 

Cheska Alker YouTube Channel


I styled the watch with an army green shirt and ripped jeans from bershka , and the comfortable shoes of Superga from Eurosport Malta!

Having said all of this , it finally brings me to the SURPRISE ! I was proudly offered the place of a brand ambassador with this brand which has given me , well actually you haha a discount code you guys can use! I will link their website down below. At check out make sure to use “itskylemagri” to give yourself 15% off your purchase ! 

That code is also my Instagram handle , so make sure to follow me and keep updated for fashion styles you can wear !

Hope you guys will enjoy the video below and would love hear what you think about this brand!

Credits goes to my brother Rasmus! Follow him on Spotify! ‘Give me light

See ya next time!


New styles wearing SUPERGA!

Hey there ! I wish to start by presenting you my first blog post on my newly refurbished site ! Also , hope you are doing well and enjoying your weekend ! 

In this post I will be bringing you two more colours from the Superga designs ! They have tons of amazing colours ! This time I chose two colours which I can combine in one outfit bringing out two total different styles ! 

To choose my shoes this time I had my sister with me which is the mother of my gorgeous niece ! We decided to get her a pair that had the same colour I was going to choose to we bought her the Navy ones! As we arrived home she came running immediately to the box and wanted to open it. When she opened it and grabbed the shoes she said “niiceee” and that moment was sooo cuttee!! Please note she is only like a year and 4 months old haha ! 

Anyhow , let us start ! I styled my niece with a dress I bought her from Primark of Belgium alongside long socks which were a bit like laced and obviously the Superga shoes ! 



The photo looks great but believe me , getting her to stay quiet to take photos was not haha! 

My outfit combination was combined with Springfield’s Shirt and my beloved ripped jeans from bershka ! Combining the navy blue shoes makes the look matchy and giving relaxed vibes! 


On to the next style ! Which I call it my own style ! Being adventurous and giving meaning that I am different haha. The second pair I chose was a mustard pair ! I believe colours like this with this type of combination creates different vibes ! 


Hope you guys enjoyed this post ! If you guys wish to join me in wearing SUPERGA  you can get yours from Eurosport of Birkirkara or Pama ! It would be great to see which style you prefer ! If it is the matchy style or adventurous style ! 

Do not forget to subscribe to my mail down below ! 


That is a wrap guys ! 

See ya next time!

Kyle ! 


Superga Collab with EuroSport Malta!

Hey guys ! Hope everyone is doing fine this week! Already midweek , time is really flying , so to slow it down a bit , in this post I will give you a small goodie ! I have teamed up with EuroSport Malta to bring you some cool Italian kicks with great comfortability , style and that goes with anything , SERIOUSLY!! 

It is a great pleasure to me that they chose me to feature this brand! This Italian brands goes back to 1911 ! Superga is known for the comfort and versatility that it brings to your daily lifestyle , I have went running with it , dancing and even made a whole day with them and still felt comfortable ! 

Ps : If you want the goodie , keep reading until you reach the bottom ! 😉

These are some styles they offer ! They thought of everyone , men , women and even kids!! The kids shoes are so cuttee!! ❤️ ! Let me show you ! 


Aren’t they AMAZING ?!?!?! They seriously got ANY TYPE OF STYLE!! Next up , I must show you some looks I made wearing the shoes aye ? Here you are ! 




What do you think of my looks ? I personally really love my last look ! Cool , smart and stylish !

So for the goodie , below I will be posting a photo for you to save and show it to at the cashpoint when you purchase a SUPERGA shoes ! Offer valid only on SUPERGA ! It’s a great choice , believe me !  

Feel free to tag me on Instagram when you post a photo wearing them to get a chance to feature you on my page and make sure to hit that follow for more great stuff !

Instagram name —> itskylemagri

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