Beach Wedding Look + Dress Design!

Hey guys! I hope you’re all well! It’s been a while since I showcased a dress designed by myself. Months in dating Kaya she told me that we were invited for a family beach wedding and I asked her if she wanted me to design a dress for her.

She immediately said yes and she gave me three tips on how she wanted the dress to be which were “Silk, Wine and with Slits”. A couple of days after I started working on this dress and she fell in love with the first design I made as apparently she kinda dreamt of that dress which also had a bonus add-on to what she requested….you’ll know later on in this post 😅 

Let me talk a bit about how I styled myself and then we finish with the dress (leave the best for last)! I wore a combination of Gagliardi and Asos. Basically everything was of Gagliardi, only the shoes were Asos 😅. Since I’m still like a “foreigner” in her family, I didn’t go with a jacket as it would have been too much but then again I didn’t want to be simple so I wore a gingham burgundy waistcoat over a white linen shirt and a pair of off white chinos! 

IMG_3074 2

To finish off my look I wore my brown Gagliardi bracelet and the only pair of loafers I own which are of Asos! I really need to buy myself a couple of new loafers, been like 2 years wearing this pair 😅 haha!

IMG_3075 2

Moving onto Kaya’s dress! Let me tell you the bonus part of the dress. I love adding that little something extra in my designs and when it comes to these type of dresses I love adding chains! Something small nothing too big but it gives a total different and more of an extra look! 


When I design dresses I don’t just simply design it and that’s it, one of my aims is to make the women wearing it feel comfortable with herself, sexy and wanted. In short words, I want to make sure she attracts the eyes of many people and to also be unique! 


I don’t just place the chains randomly neither but in specific places that will make it look more interesting and attract all the attention! As you could see I placed them in two different places, at the back and in between both slits and then matched silver accessories with them.

Like a week after the beach wedding we went around to shoot these photos and also made a short clip about both of our looks! Here is the outcome, I hope you guys like it and it would be great if you could share this! ❤️


Every feedbacks and shares are all appreciated! This is just a small part of what might be my future career so you can imagine how much it means to me! ❤️

See ya next time!



Mum , Dad and Son Topped-Up !

Hey there ! Hope you guys all good and that you like how I changed my site ! Today I will be showing the last dress I designed followed by two styles I made ! First off I start by showing you my mother’s dress , shall we start ? YEAH!!

I have been telling my mother “I will design a dress for you!” a hundred times now and finally I got the perfect occasion for it! Last Sunday my mum and dad got invited to a wedding so I told them that I would be the one dressing them up ! My mother loves a lot the royal blue so I did it as she wished. 

Starting from top to bottom , I have a soft-spot for lace I think haha , as I really love using it ! Found the perfect lace which has the same or very similar colour to the rest of the dress and a bit of dark areas which makes this part of the lace unique ! 



The lace is followed by the material I am recently using a lot which is “Ottoman”. It gives the dress the best finishing look any dress could get. It slims the body , elastic , a bit shiny  (which is better) and again , the best finishings ! I thank Gaetano for sewing this dress for me ! 


Ain’t I got a lovely mother ? ❤️

Next up , my father ! I might not have the most fashionable dad but when it comes to suiting up , he is either go hard or go home ! Thankfully I got better styling skills and I am in love with how his look came out ! 

My dad is wearing full outfit from Bortex Fine Tailoring . Suiting brand is Lanificio Cerruti . A great Italian brand with a fine suiting line ! I suggest you give them a try ! To start showing you how I styled my dad !! 

He wished to have a 3-piece suit so I did what I could to get him one ! The suit colour is navy blue , accompanied by a matching but inverted designs of tie and handkerchief by Gagliardi !  


Full look of my man , my idol , my mentor ! He really enjoyed slaying this look at the wedding , and I enjoyed seeing him smile !! 


With everything said , Only one thing left apart from showing you how I dressed myself! Oh yeah , I went as well haha ! Only left a picture of my lovers together , so here it is ! 


My two love birds! ❤️🐦

Onto the final part , how I dressed ! I wore a navy blue checked suit , by the brand “Ermenegildo Zegna” from Bortex Fine Tailoring as well! Thank god I got the chance to wear a suit!!! Enough talking and more proof !!

When it comes to styling myself I like to go a bit on a different area. I wear “definition” or “statement” ! Hitting the tie three coloured , camel , brown and light blue which all compliment the suit and adding a four coloured handkerchief which unfortunately I managed to show only three colours! Finishing it up with my tie pin I got as  a Christmas present.

PS GUYS: If you would like me to start doing a couple of videos on how I make my tie or a couple of looks you can create using a handkerchief just give me feedback and I will see on how much the demand is , would love it if you could guide me on what you want! Feel free to comment !! 

Let’s continue.




With that said here are a couple of more shots of my look before I end this post ! Photos thanks to my father and my friend , whom I was his guest ! 



Here is the end of another post!! Stay tuned for more and make to follow my facebook pages ! As for those who might not know , now I am officially an ETM-Model ! 

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Birthday dress 🎉 !

Finally photos arrived and got the chance to write this post! Been eagerly waiting a lot to share with you my latest dress design for my loving girlfriend on her 16th birthday !

On the 19th March I proudly showed yet another dress designed by me , and sown by my friend Malcolm . It was a risky attempt as the first people to see it were her family and friends haha but thank god they loved the dress ! 

Sa 2 FB

Voila! Here it is  my friends!  Starting from the materials,  I chose red lace , nude ottoman for under the lace and dark brown snake leather for the skirt . In the photos I will be showing it will not be seen but the dress has a golden chain on the back from shoulder to shoulder as the dress has another V-cut on the back.

Sa 1Sa 6Sa 7 FB

One might ask , “Are there any perks of being in a relationship?” I would reply with a definite yes! What can you get more than a living mannequin which loves your style , ready to try out something different and most of all which is drop dead gorgeous ! ❤️

Sa 4 FB

In the picture above you could see as well what I wore for her birthday. A smart casual look which is basically my style and could be my future everyday style haha . I wore a linen jacket by Gagliardi from Bortex Fine Tailoring they got a great new stock of sporting jackets and suits! White shirt and brown loafers from Asos , and believe it or not , I bought these pair of jeans from the market of Hal Qormi , Malta. 

Before I end this post I would like to share with you my favourite photo from this shoot! Stay tuned as more dresses are coming soon ! 

And very late happy birthday to my model and my love , Sarah ❤️

Credits for the photos go to : Adel Ferrito


Thankyou for your support !