ViewBug Award “Staff Favourite”!

Hello to everyone!! I hope you have doing great! I have recently got back from my latest experience abroad with the modelling agency! We went to Italy and had loads of photoshoots and some great opportunities which I will talk about in other posts, so keep an eye out!

This post is about my very first award I got on ViewBug! For those who don’t know what it is, ViewBug is one of the biggest sites were photography has importance and exposure! It’s filled with great contests and chances to get exposure, I have taken chances in a lot of contests, I managed to make it to the Top 20 in some contests and recently also in the Top 10!

The award I got is one of the huge awards on the site and I still can’t believe I managed to achieve it! I got an email saying I had received the “Staff Favourite Award” the night before heading to Italy (Ps. I couldn’t sleep much because of it haha 😅)

As the morning after arrived, I checked my notifications and found over 80 peer on awards on the photo! Until now it got over than 200 peer awards which for me it’s huge! Enough talking here is the photo! 

The photo was taken in Belgium and credits for the photo goes to one of our great directors Patrick Spiteri of Nellas Fotography Malta

In this photo I am wearing a grey t-shirt from Asos, my Colton James Watch, brown wool trousers and checked blazer by Gagliardi!


What do you guys think of this shot? Comment down below what you think! ❤️

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Styling Alex Savvateeva – ETM Malta Model!

Hey guys it’s Friday! That means the weekend will soon be with us! What are your plans for this weekend? Tell me down below in the comment section!

As you have read in the title, this post is about my styling. My recent experience in Belgium with ETM had a huge impact on me, as I tested my styling skills on an international shoot. I styled 8 models having with 3 complete looks each.

A couple of the photographers from that event managed to finish some photos of the models I styled so I said to myself, “Why not blog about it?”, and here it is haha! The model featured below is Alex Savvateeva, one of our young talented beauties. 

Alex comes from a Russian background and we all know Russian style includes beautiful fur. Luckily enough, Alex had a sleeveless jacket with fur and I really wanted to use it to keep the style connected to her nationality. This is a youthful look with a touch of a sophisticated mature style connected to the faux-fur. I love introducing new styles that use elements of a mature look to enhance a younger look.

Photo Credits ; Sicilian Director Tiberio!

In this style, I decided to go more youthful compared to the previous look. Using the bodysuit with a print saying “Trendy” gives it a younger taste with a bit of classy kind of street look with the grey skirt and the few rips at the bottom. As a stylist I like to try on different types of styles on the same model to see which outfit they can rock most and also introducing them to different styles. 

Photo Credits ; Sakin Photography!

Finalising this post, here is the photo I love most. Modelling with this young beauty is always a pleasure. We have another shot together from the experience in Belgium but it’s not yet finished.

Photo Credits ; Sicilian Director Tiberio!

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This is the first post from the series posts of my styling work in Belgium! Currently I started 2 different series’s one of the “Miss Winter Elegance Contestants” and the other one is this series. 

Hope you guys are enjoying how I am developing my blog. I am planning a lot of cool and different things for you guys! Would surely be a great help if you would give me feedback down below in the comment section about my blog. Anything you have to say, say it!

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ETM-MALTA Goes to Leeds!

Hey you guys ! Hope you are all doing great! I’m here again with another great post. Finally I got some energy recovered from a great weekend in Leeds with the ETM family and 3 days of hard work at where I work due to refurbishment and finally ready! 

Last weekend we headed out to Leeds as we were invited by the ETM-UK directors to go there for some photoshoot sessions and a charity fashion show held in the Crown Hotel in Harrogate !

Had the pleasure to model for some brands that have my idea of being different and for some classy shops like MossBros which I personally really enjoyed wearing ! 

The next event will be held next month and we are heading again to Belgium ! Will be having tons of photoshoots , a big fashion show and also the 2018 calendar launch ! For the time being , here are some mobile shots from my last experience ! The outfit I am wearing is a full look by Gagliardi. Photos will be out soon ! Do not forget to like and follow my modelling page to keep updated ! 




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Official Modelling Portfolio!

Hey guys ! Sunday will soon end , which means we will soon start the normal routine again so make sure you enjoy the remaining hours of the weekend! 

Finally I managed to complete the latest project I have been working on ! For these couple of months I worked on making an online portfolio of my modelling career ! Took me some time to make the site look at its best so that the portfolio will look great ! 

A great portfolio might lead to more modelling opportunities which every model wishes to have so make sure to have a great portfolio whether you are a model , photographer , stylist or anything ! Great visual content might lead to great opportunities ! Let us just hope that this portfolio brings some towards me ! 

Down below I left the link to my portfolio ! I hope you guys will check it out and actually give me some feedback about it ! Just a simple comment / message is enough ! As a blogger feedback is the most important thing , whether it is good or bad , they help us get better ! I have been on this journey for two years now and when I ask for feedback it feels like that I am asking for sacrifice ! Let us be real , it only takes a couple of minutes to check the post/site out and comment ! In all , I wish that I get some feedback from you guys ! 

Here is the link to my portfolio! Hope you like it! 

See ya next time ! 

Kyle ! 

Scrapyard Shoot X Street Style !

Hey there ! I hope you are doing great this week and well I hope you will enjoy your weekend as well ! 

This weekend I am giving you another street style idea ! I personally really loved this look as it is a cool , free and light style you can wear everyday this summer ! Here in Malta we currently have heatwaves so it is a perfect style ! 

Once again I am wearing my favourite pair of jeans I got from Bershka ! I really cannot stop wearing these jeans , so amazing and comfortable ! On the top part I wore my Armani tank top which I bought a year ago from the Armani shop of Tigne Point! the material is very light ! 

To finish up my look added my beloved Superga burgundy shoes ! You can get yours at Eurosport Malta of Birkirkara and Pama Shops ! 

Enough talking , here are the shots ! Tell me what do you think about this look ! More styles heading your way , so make sure to subscribe ! 


Down here you will find two different photos ! The first one is how I really act before I take these shots and the second one is how I turn into , kinda like a switch haha ! From fooling around to serious stuff ! 


I thank Stefan Stafrace for giving his best once again to give his best ! He is definitely a growing talent in photography ! 

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Featured on Model Citizen Mag!

What a great morning! Waking up and seeing myself on this site ! A great and wonderful feeling !

This magazine is from Melbourne , Australia so that’s quite a long distance from Malta!
I don’t have anything else to stay , let the blog say it all !

Check the link below !

Photo credit to Stefan Stafrace !


Best Shots!

Hey guys ! As you saw in the previous posts I showed you three different looks , which are Smart Casual , Casual and Street ! I hope you liked the looks and that I helped in choosing new and different styles ! Mix it up and do not be afraid ! 

In this post I am going to show you the best shots I had in this shoot ! Today we will be going to Comino , Malta with the theme of “Beach wear” , so stay tuned ! 




Third and Final look !

Street look ! My favourite look of this shoot by far ! 

Full look from BERSHKA apart from my huaraches as I got them from Urban Jungle , Tigne Point ! In this part I will be showing some shots I took with a good friend which is also a model with the agency , while wearing the opposite looks haha ! 






First shoot as an ETM – Model !

My first fashion model experience as an ETM-Model! For those who did not know about ETM – Agency , it stands for European Top Model which helps models to get exposure through amazing and fun experience ! 

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Now to start showing you a couple of shots of my first look ! 


Jacket and Trousers from BORTEX FINE TAILORING  


Shoes from ASOS