Second Guest Post!

Hope you guys found some time to check out my first guest post!! I was so hyped that I got the opportunity to write on someone else’s blog! You know how it goes, first impression is the most important thing so I had to go big or go home 😅! 

At the time I wrote that first post, the roll neck style was trending ( as I predicted in Male Fashion Trends A/W 2017-18 ).

Onto my second guest post! I wrote about “Fast Fashion” which basically is the trend but before it used to be know as fast fashion. That’s all I’m going to tell you, now it’s your turn to head to the official post!  

Go Check It Out!! 

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First Time Guest Blogging!

Hey guys! I am being very quiet on here because I’m currently working on developing myself even more as a blogger and also on Instagram! Will tell you more about it in the coming posts! 

I wanted to share with you this post a while ago but I kept on postponing it but here it finally is! So at the beginning of this year I found a contact that needed some posts on his site and since there weren’t any posts regarding fashion I wrote 2 interesting blog posts! 

The first one was about “The Roll Neck Trend” and the second one was “Fast-Fashion – What is it?” In this post I will link you the first guest post I wrote! If you read it I would really appreciate having your thoughts about it guys! 

Now Go And Check It Out!! Much love! 

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Second Modelling Achievement Of 2017!

Hey guys! Hope you are all doing great! Finally I managed to find some time to write another achievement post! This one is about ModelMayhem. Maybe some models, photographers and editors might know about this website. Basically this website is about modelling and photography portfolio which also gives you the chance to work with foreign photographers. 

In my case I did not get the chance to work with any but I am growing my portfolio and currently doing great! It is about me being featured on it! They featured my previous achievement of being featured on Model Citizen Mag!

Screen Shot 2017-12-04 at 20.34.46
Photo cred Nellas Fotography 

Enough talking now! Check out the link below so you can check it out yourself! Stay tuned for more achievement posts! This modelling career is an awesome and hard working journey and it would be awesome to know I got your support! 

Also if you guys are interested in fashion or you like/love the street fashion make sure to check out the link below it is about the street wear culture “HYPEBEAST“! I made a hard research to bring you guys a legit and official post! Hope you guys like it and if you are a hypebeast, show me your style and I will share it on my page!🔥/ 

If I would have enough photos from you guys I might also make a blog post all about you guys because you are awesome! 

Photo Cred 

Before I end this post I wanted to tell you about my next journey which will actually happen today in a couple of hours! I will be heading to Sicily for another modelling experience with the agency and a couple of more models! Make sure to like and follow my modelling page to keep up!


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I Am Still Here !

Hey there!! Hope you guys miss me as much as I miss posting ! My life right now is bombarded with stuff! Mostly with school and the ton of assignments I got ! Goodness me how I did not miss school haha!

Also last week we arrived from another huge experience in Belgium ! Giving Malta and ourselves more exposure in modelling! And yes , you can represent your own country in many other ways not just football (such a sad mentality that to represent the country “Football” is the first thing that comes up). 

We had an amazing fashion show and also a great international photo shoot continued by the launch of the international ETM calendar 2018 ! I am honoured to say that I was chosen as Mister August 2018 ! I have worked very hard these past 7 months , travelling 3 times with the agency followed by a lot of local shoots! 

Made up some cool and different styles this time in Belgium ! One particular one is a bit vintage but modern at the same time and managed to change some peoples thoughts about that type of style! 

Talking about vintage , next shooting event will have the theme “Vintage” ! What do you think I will be wearing ? Drop your thoughts down in the comments ! 

I post a style from Belgium very soon on my page so make sure to like and follow my journey ! 


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Another chapter from my journal!

Hey there guys ! Hope you are all doing great ! Back with another ‘Keeping up with Kyle” post. Been very very busy lately , writing blog posts , working on the youtube channel , working with other brands and obviously working at my day time work ! 

I have been working a lot on the blog for a big reason , apart from I want to help people discover themselves and also open to some new styles in fashion , I am working to get the real name of a fashion blogger! I do not feel that I am like other bloggers , I aim to be different and adventurous in styles , to aid people choose better styles and feel confident of who they are. You do not become a fashion just because you have a blog and you post fashion stuff. One needs to be updated on what is going around , how are other people rocking certain types , give real tips on how-to wear styles and engage with other similar blogs! That gives you the real name of a fashion blogger , the reason why I am working a lot on my blog , it takes a lot of my time as most of the times I am up till 2-3am to bring you these posts ! (Ps. We got plans for another experience abroad! Will write about it soon!)

Another reason why I am different is that apart from being a blogger , I am a model as well ! Some of you might know that , I model for the ETM Agency. As a model I obviously aim to model and work with other brands. Here is where the blogger/model work kicks in! There are always new brands coming up and need help , as a blogger I would want to help them get more reachable and as a model to work with them. I feel working with new brands is in a way better than big brands. One of the reasons are , that if they chose you , they trust that you will make a great model for them and that is what I aim for as a model! 

A latest new Maltese brand I came across with is MADUMA. Maduma is a Maltese word for ‘floor tile’ . A reason why this brand caught my eye is that the brand is quite simple but it is different ! I can already think of different style I can make with this brands t-shirt ! Again , simple but different . The brand is still finishing up their last things , so make sure to subscribe to their website to get notified ! They are also offering 10% off when you subscribe, so it is quite a good deal , don’t you think ? I think yeah!

I got loads of more stuff to talk about , but let us keep them for another post which I will be posting soon enough! If you guys have seen my latest Instagram posts , you surely have seen my latest watch arrival. I will be working with my great friend Cheska Alker on taking  some great shots and even try to do a video review about it! So make sure to subscribe to her channel and stay tuned!

Cheska Alker Youtube Channel!

In the meantime make sure to subscribe to my mail down below so you will get notified whenever I post new posts ! And also do not forget to follow me on Instagram ! 

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Kyle !

A busy month!

Hey guys ! Hope ya’ll having a great weekend ! How are you liking these posts , where I get to share my events with you guys ! You can share your ideas with me , don’t be afraid , would really love that !

To my post ! This month is one busy month ! Been working a lot on the new business I took up which now has formed part of my daily lifestyle , which is being active and helping others achieve their goals , wether it’s about business or fitness ! What can you get more being fit and in a great business as well haha ?!

This month I’ve got some amazing fashion events ! On the 16th of this month we will be having another amazing shoot in a scrapyard and I will be making some great contrast style with the theme 😉 ! Photographers , stay tuned for your call!

Second event is the most amazing one ! I will be going abroad with my agency ( ETM-Modelling Agency ) to Belgium ! My first exposure outside of Malta ! I am sure that it will be one great experience ! Will be trying to create some new styles there as well !


These are my latest looks ! Really got the MDVstyle vibes , no doubt he is my inspiration !




PS: Now I am beard-less haha 😅 ! 

Clothing ;

Shirts from Springfield !

                   Trouser and Bermudas from Bortex by Gagliardi !

                    Shoes from Eurosport !
They are super comfortable and versatile ! Follow this link will get to my other post where I have a discount code on them !

                      Necklace from Bershka !

Last but not least thank you goes to the photographers Stefan Stafrace and Tonio Magro !


What do you think of these looks guys ?

Which is your favourite ?

Would love your feedback down in the comment section ! 👇


My dress featured on a blog!

Hey guys! Something great just happened ! A couple of months ago I sent a submission of my dress I designed for Sarah. The theme was lace and I think the theme is meant for me haha! 

Got really excited to see if I would be featured , and now I am high up in the sky ! Dress got featured on her Instagram and as well Twitter ! Got already some great comments on Instagram which I really love! 

Following this link you will be directed to the part where the dress was featured !

There were a couple of other great looks that can also guide you in styling lace ! 

I am leaving this photo here ! Would really appreciate your support if you could comment ! And also , what would you like to see more from me ? You can leave your response in the comment section below or email me ! 

Her Instagram link : annalovelifeph