Beach Wedding Look + Dress Design!

Hey guys! I hope you’re all well! It’s been a while since I showcased a dress designed by myself. Months in dating Kaya she told me that we were invited for a family beach wedding and I asked her if she wanted me to design a dress for her.

She immediately said yes and she gave me three tips on how she wanted the dress to be which were “Silk, Wine and with Slits”. A couple of days after I started working on this dress and she fell in love with the first design I made as apparently she kinda dreamt of that dress which also had a bonus add-on to what she requested….you’ll know later on in this post 😅 

Let me talk a bit about how I styled myself and then we finish with the dress (leave the best for last)! I wore a combination of Gagliardi and Asos. Basically everything was of Gagliardi, only the shoes were Asos 😅. Since I’m still like a “foreigner” in her family, I didn’t go with a jacket as it would have been too much but then again I didn’t want to be simple so I wore a gingham burgundy waistcoat over a white linen shirt and a pair of off white chinos! 

IMG_3074 2

To finish off my look I wore my brown Gagliardi bracelet and the only pair of loafers I own which are of Asos! I really need to buy myself a couple of new loafers, been like 2 years wearing this pair 😅 haha!

IMG_3075 2

Moving onto Kaya’s dress! Let me tell you the bonus part of the dress. I love adding that little something extra in my designs and when it comes to these type of dresses I love adding chains! Something small nothing too big but it gives a total different and more of an extra look! 


When I design dresses I don’t just simply design it and that’s it, one of my aims is to make the women wearing it feel comfortable with herself, sexy and wanted. In short words, I want to make sure she attracts the eyes of many people and to also be unique! 


I don’t just place the chains randomly neither but in specific places that will make it look more interesting and attract all the attention! As you could see I placed them in two different places, at the back and in between both slits and then matched silver accessories with them.

Like a week after the beach wedding we went around to shoot these photos and also made a short clip about both of our looks! Here is the outcome, I hope you guys like it and it would be great if you could share this! ❤️


Every feedbacks and shares are all appreciated! This is just a small part of what might be my future career so you can imagine how much it means to me! ❤️

See ya next time!



Fedora X Tank Top!

IMG_1997IMG_2025 2IMG_2022

Going back to last month, I made up this cool summer style! For this summer I wanted to try out some new and different styles ( As usual 😅 )! Since mustard is a hit this year, I had to grab something of that colour! 

I also got something that I have been for it for YEARS but never found the perfect fit! 😓 Thanks to Asos I finally found my match! I’m talking about the fedora hat I’m wearing which my dear lady doesn’t like at all and wants me to burn it 😅 as she says it’s not me haha!

What do you guys think of this fedora hat on me?

Finishing this look, I rolled up my jeans to show more the ripped part at the end. At first I thought it will look strange but ended up loving it! 

What do you guys think of this look?

See ya next time! 


Smart Casual Look!

Hey you guys! Hope you are all doing great! On Monday I arrived from my recent experience in Sicily with ETM Malta! I worked with some amazing Italian photographers and also got to meet the Italian director and also meet again the Sicilian Director! It was truly an honour meeting and working with everyone of them and I already got some photos and they are looking SUPPERR!! 

This month I wanted to create a more classical look but still keeping it a bit casual. This look is definitely great for a sunny cold day in winter! For this combination I wore a navy turtle neck from River Island, washed blue jeans and brown monk shoes by Gagliardi to make the outfit stand out! 


The style is comfortable, classic and a bit casual making it just right for almost any occasion make it a dinner, hanging with the lads for a drink, going out with your girl or a simple stroll in the nature (like I did 😅)!


This turtle neck has really become one of my favourite winter styles so far as it is one of the important tops men need in their closet! No need to have a ton, just  3 classic colours maybe like black, navy blue and beige giving you different tones and styles!

Send me how you styled your turtle necks and I will share your look on my social media! 

That was all for this post guys! Hope you enjoyed it and stay tuned for the next one! Make sure to subscribe to my blog and follow me on Instagram @itskylemagri to keep yourself updated! 

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Styling Alex Savvateeva – ETM Malta Model!

Hey guys it’s Friday! That means the weekend will soon be with us! What are your plans for this weekend? Tell me down below in the comment section!

As you have read in the title, this post is about my styling. My recent experience in Belgium with ETM had a huge impact on me, as I tested my styling skills on an international shoot. I styled 8 models having with 3 complete looks each.

A couple of the photographers from that event managed to finish some photos of the models I styled so I said to myself, “Why not blog about it?”, and here it is haha! The model featured below is Alex Savvateeva, one of our young talented beauties. 

Alex comes from a Russian background and we all know Russian style includes beautiful fur. Luckily enough, Alex had a sleeveless jacket with fur and I really wanted to use it to keep the style connected to her nationality. This is a youthful look with a touch of a sophisticated mature style connected to the faux-fur. I love introducing new styles that use elements of a mature look to enhance a younger look.

Photo Credits ; Sicilian Director Tiberio!

In this style, I decided to go more youthful compared to the previous look. Using the bodysuit with a print saying “Trendy” gives it a younger taste with a bit of classy kind of street look with the grey skirt and the few rips at the bottom. As a stylist I like to try on different types of styles on the same model to see which outfit they can rock most and also introducing them to different styles. 

Photo Credits ; Sakin Photography!

Finalising this post, here is the photo I love most. Modelling with this young beauty is always a pleasure. We have another shot together from the experience in Belgium but it’s not yet finished.

Photo Credits ; Sicilian Director Tiberio!

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This is the first post from the series posts of my styling work in Belgium! Currently I started 2 different series’s one of the “Miss Winter Elegance Contestants” and the other one is this series. 

Hope you guys are enjoying how I am developing my blog. I am planning a lot of cool and different things for you guys! Would surely be a great help if you would give me feedback down below in the comment section about my blog. Anything you have to say, say it!

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Mum , Dad and Son Topped-Up !

Hey there ! Hope you guys all good and that you like how I changed my site ! Today I will be showing the last dress I designed followed by two styles I made ! First off I start by showing you my mother’s dress , shall we start ? YEAH!!

I have been telling my mother “I will design a dress for you!” a hundred times now and finally I got the perfect occasion for it! Last Sunday my mum and dad got invited to a wedding so I told them that I would be the one dressing them up ! My mother loves a lot the royal blue so I did it as she wished. 

Starting from top to bottom , I have a soft-spot for lace I think haha , as I really love using it ! Found the perfect lace which has the same or very similar colour to the rest of the dress and a bit of dark areas which makes this part of the lace unique ! 



The lace is followed by the material I am recently using a lot which is “Ottoman”. It gives the dress the best finishing look any dress could get. It slims the body , elastic , a bit shiny  (which is better) and again , the best finishings ! I thank Gaetano for sewing this dress for me ! 


Ain’t I got a lovely mother ? ❤️

Next up , my father ! I might not have the most fashionable dad but when it comes to suiting up , he is either go hard or go home ! Thankfully I got better styling skills and I am in love with how his look came out ! 

My dad is wearing full outfit from Bortex Fine Tailoring . Suiting brand is Lanificio Cerruti . A great Italian brand with a fine suiting line ! I suggest you give them a try ! To start showing you how I styled my dad !! 

He wished to have a 3-piece suit so I did what I could to get him one ! The suit colour is navy blue , accompanied by a matching but inverted designs of tie and handkerchief by Gagliardi !  


Full look of my man , my idol , my mentor ! He really enjoyed slaying this look at the wedding , and I enjoyed seeing him smile !! 


With everything said , Only one thing left apart from showing you how I dressed myself! Oh yeah , I went as well haha ! Only left a picture of my lovers together , so here it is ! 


My two love birds! ❤️🐦

Onto the final part , how I dressed ! I wore a navy blue checked suit , by the brand “Ermenegildo Zegna” from Bortex Fine Tailoring as well! Thank god I got the chance to wear a suit!!! Enough talking and more proof !!

When it comes to styling myself I like to go a bit on a different area. I wear “definition” or “statement” ! Hitting the tie three coloured , camel , brown and light blue which all compliment the suit and adding a four coloured handkerchief which unfortunately I managed to show only three colours! Finishing it up with my tie pin I got as  a Christmas present.

PS GUYS: If you would like me to start doing a couple of videos on how I make my tie or a couple of looks you can create using a handkerchief just give me feedback and I will see on how much the demand is , would love it if you could guide me on what you want! Feel free to comment !! 

Let’s continue.




With that said here are a couple of more shots of my look before I end this post ! Photos thanks to my father and my friend , whom I was his guest ! 



Here is the end of another post!! Stay tuned for more and make to follow my facebook pages ! As for those who might not know , now I am officially an ETM-Model ! 

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The men’s classy must haves!

The fall smart look for men! I bring to you three different smart looks with
some accessories to top and finish the looks! Change your looks and be different
for this fall ! It is 2016 mate , show the world what you are capable of creating! 

Keep your style updated! 

Check below for more! 

The men's classy must haves!


PT01 Pantaloni Torino mens dress pants
€275 –

MICHAEL Michael Kors mens dress pants
€67 –

River Island mens skinny pants
€39 –

Movado mens watch
€840 –

Banana Republic mens dress shirt
€71 –

English Laundry mens dress shirt
€41 –

Chaps mens long sleeve shirt
€27 –

Stacy Adams men s accessory
€12 –

Kenneth Cole men s fragrance
€52 –

Rock the vote with style! (Female)

Since around the world there are people voting for elections , I tell you go and rock the
vote with style! Here I bring to you a serious looking outfit which you can rock and
make people think who they are going to give the vote to 😉 ! haha!  And price wise it is
not that much! It is quite affordable! 
Keep your style updated! 
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Rock the vote with style! (Female)


Dsquared2 racerback top
€110 –

Trench coat
€31 –

Ripped jeans
€21 –

Boohoo slip on sandals
€45 –

Zipper bag
€22 –

Olivia Burton watch
€110 –

Pink necklace
€15 –

Nasaseasons embroidered hat
€57 –

Tech accessory
€23 –

Something sweet and classy for fall! (Female)

With this post I hit my 50th post! I work hard to keep and produce unique and
difference in my blog! Presenting to my 50th post , I here bring you an amazing
fall look for the females out there! Nothing to complicated but look at it! It
looks amazing, and it would look better on you! The struggle to create is real
yeah , but not for me , I create styles  you do not see everyday! With this look I
hit past , present and future! 
Keep your style updated! 

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Something sweet and classy for fall! (Female)


Miss Selfridge skater dress
€62 –

Christian Louboutin heeled sandals
€690 –

Oscar de la Renta evening purse
€1.265 –

Jaeger adjustable ring
€39 –

BaubleBar tech accessory
€11 –

Quote wall art

That #LBD every girl needs!

The dress every girl needs! Here I present to you what you can style it. First of
all this dress is already amazing , imagine how it could turn out if you add some
stuff with it. Nude colours is always a must with black dresses , here I put a
pink/rose gold purse along side it an elegant bracelet. Black dress , black heels !
You can always try something different but I prefer using black heels. To finish
up the look , put some pearls hunny , because you are already one! 
Keep your style updated! 
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That #LBD every girl needs!


Solace sleeveless dress
€435 –

Monsoon d orsay pumps
€110 –

Sasha leather handbag
€23 –

Infinity necklace
€170 –

Chloe Isabel statement bracelet
€62 –

The A/W style for the men!

We men need to fight over simplicity and conquer difference! Don’t just put on
a t-shirt a pair of trousers and hit the streets , NO! Try something new , add
something you never used , mix colours and see what you can create! Here I
present to you my most favourite way to style a man! Classy looking outfit from
top to bottom! With some added Starbucks haha! Do not keep it simple! 
Keep your style updated! 
Check below for more! 
The A/W style for the men!


Marni old navy mens clothing
€580 –

Native Youth mens faux suede jacket
€120 –

Calibrate mens cap toe dress shoes
€125 –

DC Shoes mens longsleeve shirt
€54 –

Mens front pocket wallet
€7,28 –

Native Union men s tech accessory
€23 –

Giorgio Armani men s fragrance
€135 –

Wall picture hanger
€48 –