Outfit Post : Plain and Simple!

So last weekend my photographer and me made a great plan, we were suppose to shoot, then we

gym it and afterwards we beach it. But someone decided to oversleep. Not me. Guess who? The

photographer ha!  At least we did manage to take the shoot! So practically you don’t always need

to come up with something out of this world to dress up for the weekend. Plain and simple can

work as well, but you need to make it work greatly to make it amazing! A simple dark green tee

from Springfield’s new collection , a pair of jeans , white shoes from Asos , jeepers peepers shades

and not forgetting the great cap from Nike ! All of these made the plain and simple look work

greatly , and I felt myself haha! Relaxed and cool walking around San Pawl.



Outfit Post : Street Style!

Hitting a new style on a Sunday, #StreetStyle! I can surely say this style comes with great

comfort and style! Although to some people this type of fashion is boring , annoying or in some

cases it get’s described as “what is he wearing???”, I say , this is not the last time that I am

going to wear this style! To hit this style there is no need of “bling bling” or snapbacks as

you can see! You just need to match them right. Completed the street style thanks to my

sponsor , V2 Clothing Malta for these amazing Pyrex pants! An amazing , cool street style

brand. I am wearing a long line tee from Asos , white shoes and my favourite shades till now from

Asos aswell. Hair cut by the talented barbers from my home town ( Qormi ), The Artist

Men’s Hair salon ! Styled using a new product which can be bought from them as well ,   

American Crew “Fiber” , for styling and hold!

Shots were taken at Bugibba , near the National Aquarium ( Café del Mar )


Outfit Post : Beach Wedding!

So last night I attended my first beach wedding of a close friend of ours. For someone

this close I must look my best! So I decided to make a tailor made suit with an Asos

shirt and Springfields espadrille, hitting a full summery suit ! I added a little taste of

accessory from V2 Clothing Malta. Hair product thanks to Dean Gera Hair Care. The wedding was

at Hola beach, Marfa, a great venue for parties or weddings and for photo sessions. It is perfect.

This outfit will surely be worn for future weddings and parties. More suits will be surely created!


First Sponsor!

Proudly happy to say I am sponsored by V2 Clothing Malta ! A shop that is bringing diversity and 

uniqueness to Malta! A thing that this small island really needs!

And I say Why choose common and  cheap when you can choose not so cheap neither so expensive

and different and unique ? One may think that V2 is just a small shop.. Well that’s wrong! V2 is

THE SHOP! I encourage you all to give V2 a chance to improve and top-up your wardrobe and

style! V2 currently has 4 high quality brands which are “Twicetoonice” also known as “TWTN” ,

the cool brand “Pyrex” , the amazing “BOY LONDON”and obviously , “V2” the diverse collection!

The shop was decorated all by the owner and his family to a high level of diversity! Located in San Gwann.


Fully Customised Outfit!

Long time inactive , but finally I’m here again with another post of another custom outfit I made!

A sleeveless shirt from bershka of last year if not mistaken. Turning into my own custom made

shirt following my favourite jeans that I can’t stop customising , now with the ‘Guns & Roses’

patch and my new pair of kicks ‘Air Huarache by Nike!’  The shots were taken at the ‘Chinese

garden of serenity’ in St.Lucia. A great place to stay quiet , alone and clear your thoughts and       

of course , to take some great shots!



Outfit Post : Niece’s Baptism

Today I had the pleasure and honour to attend to my niece’s baptism, and what’s better than

being her photographer as well ❤️ So I got to look at her for the whole mass. Took the

opportunity to add some class to my style with some Asos glasses and the white shirt giving me a

comfortable , classy and clean look! Perfect style for the perfect opportunity!

Rocking the shoes from Downunder 2  , amazing , comfortable shoes with cheap prices! 



Finally got some time to shoot with my first creation! A simple white t-shirt turned into a great

dyed navy blue t-shirt with my own design! With less than €10 I made this amazing shirt which I

am REALLY INLOVE! In a couple of days, I will be making another t-shirt but not with dye. You

will see how it will turn out to be, by the time it will be finished you could try to guess what I will

be using. Photos where taken at “Ghajn Tuffieha Bay” a great sea view and calm area by my 

super dad that is helping me achieve my goal!



Just wanted to say something about the path that I am seeking , which is of being an actual

fashion designer! It never passes a day that I don’t learn something new about fashion. It could

be about a new fabric , history of fashion or even style. Day by day I am getting better and more

creative! I am currently creating my first collection. Featuring 3 female garments and 3 male

garments. A small tip I can give you about what my collection is going to be about is  the name ,

which goes by : “I STAND OUT!” The reason why I named my first collection is because of a 

a favourite quote that I love: “Why fit in , when you were born to stand out ? by Dr.Seuss and to

show others that I really “STAND OUT!”

What does kyle do when…

What do I do when there are no clients at work ? Or when I take my break ?  Guess what … I style

myself ! During my work time I choose different style’s to make an outfit or get a simple but

amazing shirt and just see how it fits on me! Usually the one’s I try , I end up buying them for one

reason… Because one can match anything with a Springfield garment…Staring from a simple 

sleeveless , to an amazing shirt which , I mostly love! 

Let’s make a challenge ! I challenge you to go to Springfield and while shopping , try to style

yourself better than me , take a picture  and post them on Instagram using


Ps : Sorry for the messy hair 😂


Overview of the Fashion week

The fashion week is at the end of it’s line for

this year! Unluckily I only attended for the

New Designers show but I still can say, that

this years Fashion Week was “Outta-this-

world!” One thing I can say about the other

Collections that I saw is , that I mostly loved  Ritienne

Zammit’s Collection , and I only said one word

to describe it : “WOWZER!” Simply amazing

and beautiful! And bringing a cat along the first walk was cute and different!

On the “EVENT” page I wrote 

something on my five most liked designers so

be sure to check it out : http://wp.me/P7tGfZ-

2G . Regarding the New Designers Show ,

these are my three most liked garments! 

Let’s see what’s next for next year !