Beach Wedding Look + Dress Design!

Hey guys! I hope you’re all well! It’s been a while since I showcased a dress designed by myself. Months in dating Kaya she told me that we were invited for a family beach wedding and I asked her if she wanted me to design a dress for her.

She immediately said yes and she gave me three tips on how she wanted the dress to be which were “Silk, Wine and with Slits”. A couple of days after I started working on this dress and she fell in love with the first design I made as apparently she kinda dreamt of that dress which also had a bonus add-on to what she requested….you’ll know later on in this post 😅 

Let me talk a bit about how I styled myself and then we finish with the dress (leave the best for last)! I wore a combination of Gagliardi and Asos. Basically everything was of Gagliardi, only the shoes were Asos 😅. Since I’m still like a “foreigner” in her family, I didn’t go with a jacket as it would have been too much but then again I didn’t want to be simple so I wore a gingham burgundy waistcoat over a white linen shirt and a pair of off white chinos! 

IMG_3074 2

To finish off my look I wore my brown Gagliardi bracelet and the only pair of loafers I own which are of Asos! I really need to buy myself a couple of new loafers, been like 2 years wearing this pair 😅 haha!

IMG_3075 2

Moving onto Kaya’s dress! Let me tell you the bonus part of the dress. I love adding that little something extra in my designs and when it comes to these type of dresses I love adding chains! Something small nothing too big but it gives a total different and more of an extra look! 


When I design dresses I don’t just simply design it and that’s it, one of my aims is to make the women wearing it feel comfortable with herself, sexy and wanted. In short words, I want to make sure she attracts the eyes of many people and to also be unique! 


I don’t just place the chains randomly neither but in specific places that will make it look more interesting and attract all the attention! As you could see I placed them in two different places, at the back and in between both slits and then matched silver accessories with them.

Like a week after the beach wedding we went around to shoot these photos and also made a short clip about both of our looks! Here is the outcome, I hope you guys like it and it would be great if you could share this! ❤️


Every feedbacks and shares are all appreciated! This is just a small part of what might be my future career so you can imagine how much it means to me! ❤️

See ya next time!



What’s New With Gagliardi?!

Hey you guys! We are getting closer to the weekend! What have you got planned? My plans are work on Saturday as usual haha and on Sunday we are having another photoshoot event themed “Vintage” at the Aviation Museum in Ta Qali!

In this post I will be talking about some of the changes and new stuff that Gagliardi introduced this year! Let us start with their re-branding, as they changed their logo they also changed some small tags and colours within these tags. They have also changed a bit the white plain dress shirts packaging and I think also how it fits as I felt a slight change in material and fit which I liked. I will surely be missing the lion but this logo got a very classical look.


Secondly, they have finally introduced the Gagliardi Bracelets, which I knew about for moonnthhsss and I was eagerly waiting for them to be released and finally they did! I am writing this post especially about them actually and the importance of wearing accessories. I also got some for myself and made a short video displaying them and really wanted to share it with you guys!

The bracelets are super classy and different, having a piece of metal or a similar material with the logo engraved in it and a golden bead to separate the design equally in some bracelets as you will see on the ones I have got! As you can think of, some of the beads have the famous marble design which gives that final classical look to the bracelet! 

Some might take small things like bracelets for granted to their styling but I will change your mind. Any sort of accessories whether it is a bracelet, a watch, a pen or anything which is an accessory will definitely increase your level of styling.

Let us take for example a simple smart modern look | White T-Shirt, Washed Blue Jeans and A Pair Brown Double Monk Shoes | it already sounds amazing but imagine if you would add just a simple brown beaded bracelet, your level of styling will automatically skyrocket! A simple thing that changes the game plan! Beaded bracelets can also be worn on street styles as I do.

We can take another example | Navy Blue Suit, White Dress Shirt, Burgundy Tie, Silver Tie Clip and once again Brown Double Monk Shoes | Can you get more classical than this? YES YOU CAN! Your shirt sleeves will eventually slide up with your movement or you would roll them up if it would be hot, don’t you think that having bare hands is not smart? Imagine having that outstanding silver watch that makes you look much smarter and classical! To really finish it up, you might think it is useless or you will not even use it, but one needs a classic pen in his inside pocket of a suit! Match it with your tie clip or watch. It looks very professional and quite smooth to pull out your own classic pen from your suit pocket and sign or whatever the action requires! 

Here is the video I made and some very close shots I took! Hope you guys like! Would really love to hear what you thought about the video! 


These were my top favourite bracelets of their first collection, I really hope they come up with more cool designs and ideas in the coming months! If you would like to check out the rest of the collection, I am leaving the direct link below for you to check it out!

Gagliardi bracelet gif

Direct link –

That is all for this post guys! I hope you have enjoyed yet another post. I got huge plans ahead of me so stay tuned as some of them might reallyyyy interest you, especially the gents, so do not forget to subscribe for my mail! 😉 (Left side menu)

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The First Time Getting Featured On A Magazine!

Hey you guys!! I missed you all soo much! I have been super busy and stressed lately with the course I am following 😓. Unfortunately I had to pause a bit my Instagram posting but now I am starting slowly again so make sure to follow me itskylemagri!

I will still do my best to keep my blog active, I got many posts waiting to be written so do subscribe and keep an eye out for my email notification of my new posts! Let us start this post already! 

A big thank you to my agency ETM Malta which really helped me in getting exposure with the local photoshoots they create and also the experience I had abroad working with foreign photographers and also models! 

Last year somewhere around August I got featured for the very first time on an online magazine! It was an Australian magazine which was Model Citizen Magazine! The issue I was featured in was issue number 16 and they also had their first anniversary


Screen Shot 2017-12-04 at 20.34.39
Taken by Nellas Fotography (In Belgium)


I was given 6 pages and they used four of my photos! In that time some photos were not yet published online but there is still one not yet published online so if you notice which one it is comment below!

There was also a small interview added in the pages which you  can read down below! I will be adding the screenshots of the pages I was featured! This was the first big step I had in my modelling career which led me to some more achievements but I will tell you more about them in the coming weeks! For now check out my first feature in a magazine! ( Read by more than 1,000,000 readers )!

Screen Shot 2017-12-04 at 20.34.46
Taken by Nellas Fotography
Screen Shot 2017-12-04 at 20.34.51
Taken by Alana Clemens Photography (In Belgium)

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Essential Accessories!

Hey you! How has your week been so far? Mine has been quite busy and filled with great stuff which leads to more work! As I have been saying in the latest posts, I am always developing myself and going out of my comfort zone, being a fashion model really gave me much more confidence and more ideas, therefor this will be the first accessory aimed post with a touch of a video!

As many of you might know, men are more to be liked when they wear some sort of accessory, it does not matter what it will be. It could be a necklace, watch, bracelet or even the three of them! Accessories tend to make us look better believe it or not, they show some sort of confidence when we wear them and also a touch of class when wearing the perfect watch with that dashing suit!


Just a simple watch made me and the photo look a little more better than just me there posing like *I’m so bored* look haha! If you are in need of a watch I got this one from Asos ( actually it was a present ❤️ ) but yeah, I am sure you will find one that suits you and your daily lifestyle!


What can a necklace do? Well I am pretty sure certain necklaces gives you that “Rebellious” feeling which I got when I wore the necklace above this! A simple but detailed and refined piece of jewellery which again does not keep me plain but gives me that touch of something special! Here is how I dressed it!


And an even closer look to this beautiful necklace!


I probably have said enough! Let me share with you the video I created thanks to my father’s help and also this time I had my mother helping me as well ( she threw me the jacket ) !

Hope you guys enjoyed this post and also the video as much as I enjoyed shooting it! Make sure to check out NoMatter for some more amazing accessories which I am sure you will love! Also do not forget to subscribe to my mail, it can be found in the side menu

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The men’s classy must haves!

The fall smart look for men! I bring to you three different smart looks with
some accessories to top and finish the looks! Change your looks and be different
for this fall ! It is 2016 mate , show the world what you are capable of creating! 

Keep your style updated! 

Check below for more! 

The men's classy must haves!


PT01 Pantaloni Torino mens dress pants
€275 –

MICHAEL Michael Kors mens dress pants
€67 –

River Island mens skinny pants
€39 –

Movado mens watch
€840 –

Banana Republic mens dress shirt
€71 –

English Laundry mens dress shirt
€41 –

Chaps mens long sleeve shirt
€27 –

Stacy Adams men s accessory
€12 –

Kenneth Cole men s fragrance
€52 –

The A/W style for the men!

We men need to fight over simplicity and conquer difference! Don’t just put on
a t-shirt a pair of trousers and hit the streets , NO! Try something new , add
something you never used , mix colours and see what you can create! Here I
present to you my most favourite way to style a man! Classy looking outfit from
top to bottom! With some added Starbucks haha! Do not keep it simple! 
Keep your style updated! 
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The A/W style for the men!


Marni old navy mens clothing
€580 –

Native Youth mens faux suede jacket
€120 –

Calibrate mens cap toe dress shoes
€125 –

DC Shoes mens longsleeve shirt
€54 –

Mens front pocket wallet
€7,28 –

Native Union men s tech accessory
€23 –

Giorgio Armani men s fragrance
€135 –

Wall picture hanger
€48 –

Calvin look for the men!

A cool fall look for the Calvin male lovers! It is all about street wear! Be cool , be chic , make the other girls wanting to be with you by how you dress! That’s the secret! Haha !
Keep your style updated ! 
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Calvin look for the men!


AMIRI mens distressed jeans

Calvin Klein mens denim jacket
€90 –

Calvin Klein mens white shoes
€62 –

Calvin Klein men’s sunglasses
€96 –

Calvin Klein mens cotton shirt
€40 –

Calvin Klein men s hat
€36 –

Native Union men s tech accessory
€23 –

Mens caps and hat
€26 –

Get classy from head-to-toes! (Men)

Winter will soon be with us and men must be classy. Here I present to you a
head-to-toe male look for a smart night/event. High fashion style for men is
always needed for men with a matching pair of leather sole shoes with shirt and
trousers , making quite a unique look finalising it with a slim fit coat and a
HUGO BOSS watch. 
Keep your style updated! 
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Get classy from head-to-toes!

Savane mens pants
€36 –

Mens slim fit coat

Corthay mens leather sole shoes
€2.000 –

BOSS Hugo Boss mens blue watch
€190 –

BOSS Hugo Boss mens red shirt
€130 –

Christian Dior men s shaving
€42 –

Dark/Street Fall Look (Men)

That needed hippie junky like fall outfit for men, and finalising it with a hint of a green adventure backpack! This look will never fade in the beginning a fall/winter time! Every garment of this outfit does not go over a hundred euro , so yes , with simple garments you can kill it mate!
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Dark/Street Fall Look (Men)

Mens slim jeans
€31 –

Mens cotton jacket

Vans mens black sneaker
€45 –

Ck + Armani fit

A men’s must have! That sharp looking looking to go out at a big occasion so here it is. I present to you the Ck smart look combining it with an Armani watch!

Check below for more!

Ck + Armani fit

Noose & Monkey mens dress pants
€28 –

Calvin Klein mens wool jacket
€125 –

Emporio Armani mens watch
€130 –

Calvin Klein mens long sleeve shirt
€36 –