Second Modelling Achievement Of 2017!

Hey guys! Hope you are all doing great! Finally I managed to find some time to write another achievement post! This one is about ModelMayhem. Maybe some models, photographers and editors might know about this website. Basically this website is about modelling and photography portfolio which also gives you the chance to work with foreign photographers. 

In my case I did not get the chance to work with any but I am growing my portfolio and currently doing great! It is about me being featured on it! They featured my previous achievement of being featured on Model Citizen Mag!

Screen Shot 2017-12-04 at 20.34.46
Photo cred Nellas Fotography 

Enough talking now! Check out the link below so you can check it out yourself! Stay tuned for more achievement posts! This modelling career is an awesome and hard working journey and it would be awesome to know I got your support! 

Also if you guys are interested in fashion or you like/love the street fashion make sure to check out the link below it is about the street wear culture “HYPEBEAST“! I made a hard research to bring you guys a legit and official post! Hope you guys like it and if you are a hypebeast, show me your style and I will share it on my page!🔥/ 

If I would have enough photos from you guys I might also make a blog post all about you guys because you are awesome! 

Photo Cred 

Before I end this post I wanted to tell you about my next journey which will actually happen today in a couple of hours! I will be heading to Sicily for another modelling experience with the agency and a couple of more models! Make sure to like and follow my modelling page to keep up!


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The First Time Getting Featured On A Magazine!

Hey you guys!! I missed you all soo much! I have been super busy and stressed lately with the course I am following 😓. Unfortunately I had to pause a bit my Instagram posting but now I am starting slowly again so make sure to follow me itskylemagri!

I will still do my best to keep my blog active, I got many posts waiting to be written so do subscribe and keep an eye out for my email notification of my new posts! Let us start this post already! 

A big thank you to my agency ETM Malta which really helped me in getting exposure with the local photoshoots they create and also the experience I had abroad working with foreign photographers and also models! 

Last year somewhere around August I got featured for the very first time on an online magazine! It was an Australian magazine which was Model Citizen Magazine! The issue I was featured in was issue number 16 and they also had their first anniversary


Screen Shot 2017-12-04 at 20.34.39
Taken by Nellas Fotography (In Belgium)


I was given 6 pages and they used four of my photos! In that time some photos were not yet published online but there is still one not yet published online so if you notice which one it is comment below!

There was also a small interview added in the pages which you  can read down below! I will be adding the screenshots of the pages I was featured! This was the first big step I had in my modelling career which led me to some more achievements but I will tell you more about them in the coming weeks! For now check out my first feature in a magazine! ( Read by more than 1,000,000 readers )!

Screen Shot 2017-12-04 at 20.34.46
Taken by Nellas Fotography
Screen Shot 2017-12-04 at 20.34.51
Taken by Alana Clemens Photography (In Belgium)

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Summarising My Latest Styling Looks And End Of Year Post!

Hey you guys! Just two days for another new year filled with unexpected memories and events! Like a week and a half ago I mentioned something about some work I had to do and also lately you might have seen me post some outfit looks from River Island and NewLook, well that was my work! 

With pleasure I can announce my partnership alongside Hudson Group Malta which I will be styling myself from certain brands every month trying to come up with some great and efficient looks! I might also throw some giveaways now and then so if you got some ideas of how I should do these giveaways or maybe what should I include feel free to comment them below or if you are more comfortable telling them privately feel free to hit me up with an email or just message me on any social media!

This months three looks were Modern Smart Casual, Street Style and Sporting Style.

The first look I posted was the Modern Smart Casual. The shirt was definitely a great addition to my wardrobe as I have been telling myself I need another shirt for a long time ( shirt lover alert)! 


I found this beauty at NewLook! They had some great stuff and I’m sure they refilled themselves with more great stuff as they always have an open wide of styles! For this time I matched this shirt with my ripped washed jeans and a pair of brown loafers! 

Really loved the outcome but I was thinking maybe next time I will level it up and use it for a smart style instead of casual, will see how it comes!

Next style was the Street Style with another piece from NewLook! This might look quite plain but as I saw it, it immediately caught my eye! That embroidered rose is definitely great to make this type of style!


It is a very minimal t-shirt which it also caught the eye of many other people! As a person I like to try many different looks and as you might have seen my Insta Posts and also my journey through fashion aanndd also the drastic change from only these two photos above you can see that I am quite comfortable in wearing different styles!

The final look was the Sporting Look this time from River Island! I have been searching for this specific mix of materials in this type of style for years and now I have finally managed to get my hands on it! This half-zip hoodie has an upper part of sport material, arms and abdomen part of normal cotton material BUT INSIDE IT IS FLEECY


If you did not get your hands on this hoodie yet make sure to get it! You can only imagine the comfortability and warmth you will have in a cold morning jog! Definitely a must for this winter! 

With this said it brings us to an end! I hope this journey alongside Hudson Group Malta will continue and get better in the coming months! 

What can I say, this year was a huge year for me for my blogging career as I had chances to work with a some brands and also develop myself even more, started modelling and so far I am really moving forward as a model and also forming part of the agency as more than a model. 

Enjoy these last couple of days and HAPPY NEW YEAR YOU GUYS!! THANK YOU FOR SUPPORTING ME!! DO NOT FORGET TO SUBSCRIBE TO MY MAILING LIST! (Just got hyped haha)! 

See ya next year!


Miss Winter Elegance Winner!

Here we finally arrived at the end of this competition! As you could have understood who the winner is from the ‘featured photo’, meet Victoire Muscat ‘Miss Winter Elegance 2017!’

From the beginning I knew that she had a strong chance in achieving this award! Apart from being beautiful, she is super talented, outgoing and with an amazing character! When she hits the stage she is a different person, she changes that much that she rocks every stage she goes on!

 In this competition she achieved another award apart from the winning title she was awarded the ‘Overall Model Look Winner’! After this competition Victoire modelled for Xiks in another event held by Ivan Gaffiero.

Last few months of this year for Victoire were quite amazing in my opinion as she was not only awarded these two titles but she also made it in the calendar of  ETM – Malta! Victoire worked very hard and improved a looott and well, hard work does pay off! It paid off so much that she was given the month of February of next year, meaning within two months we will only look at her haha!

Here are the two shots that show the two biggest achievements of her last couple of months! The first shot you will find the photo from her last competition taken by Manquilina – Photography and on the second one you will find Victoire with our loving directors with the photo chosen for the ETM Calendar taken by none-other but our director Patrick from Nellas Fotography!

Credits to the photos go to Manuel Aquilina for the competition photos (Manquilia – Photography) and our director for the featured photos in the post and also the calendar Patrick Nellas Spiteri (Nellas Fotography)!

Lastly do not forget to show support to another beauty from our agency! 


See ya next time!


Miss Winter Elegance Interval – ETM Malta Model!

GUUUYYSSSS!!! Christmas is very close and I hope you finished all the shopping by now! This is the pre-ending post for this year! During this competition there was a special moment were previous winners went down the cat-walk. The first one was our super model Denise Spiteri which has achieved a lot at a young unbelievable age!

This great character and beautiful lady is one of the most outgoing female models I know! Her nickname given by the agency is “The Maltese Belen!” because she looks like her which she really does, here see for yourself!


The photo of Denise was taken in Belgium by our Director Patrick Spiteri helped by Cheska and myself by helping with lights to provide shadows and lighting!

Denise had just returned  back to Malta from her latest work abroad in Italy right on the day of the competition and she still slayed the cat-walk! Here is our beauty!


Photography credits once again goes to the talented Manuel Aquilina! Check out his page for more amazing photos — Manquilina Photography!

Lastly do not forget to like and follow this beautiful talented model of ETM Malta!


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Miss Winter Elegance Contestant – ETM Malta Model!

Hey you guys! I am back again with another contestant from the “Miss Winter Elegance“! Had some stuff to do and special posts to post so I had to postpone these posts! Just two more posts to finalise this competition! 

Meet Leana Bezzina another young talent! She is a very beautiful and outgoing young talented lady which I am sure by time she will become a super model! Also modelled in another competition recently and cat-walked for “Xiks” (third photo)!

Leana loves participating in fashion shows and also competitions! She always gives her best in them and ready to learn more every time!

Photo credits all to the talented Manuel Aquilina from Manquilina Photography!


See ya next time!


My Very First Big Brand Campaign!

Weekend is finally with us! I have been postponing this post for a while now but I decided that it was time to share this with you! As a young person like me and also one of the few male fashion bloggers out there it is hard to get noticed, especially if one is going kind of against the odds.  What do I mean with this? My biggest aim is to inspire or at least help and also try to push the movement of males fashion further especially locally.

Searching for inspirations to bring to you, style myself to maybe give you some new ideas how to style for certain occasions and locations. I cannot say that I am pushing this movement as even though I ask you guys for feedback very few and almost nobody does give me feedback but that does not stop me. 

The  previous post I focused on accessories, I have big plans and also trying to work with some brands to try and bring to you some great offers, the only thing I ask is for you  to give me feedback, as simple as that! Having said this, let us get this post started!!

I think you guessed what this post will be about….RAY-BAN!!!! Months I was contacted by a foreign agency from Dubai that works with big brands like Ray-Ban. At first I though it was some sort of a scam but then after some emails it turned out being a great experience! As some of you might have noticed on Instagram I did post some special posts about a Ray-Ban campaign which it was this one. I was also featured on the page of Vision Opticians as part of this huge campaign!


The campaign was about their new optical collection and luckily enough I chose the one that they were focusing on! At first I was not so comfortable wearing them as I do not need any optical glasses but after a while I got used to them. They definitely gave me a total different look and style which I got comfortable with immediately!


The time this project was planned to start was at the time I had to go abroad with my modelling Agency ( ETM – Malta ) to Leeds. One sure thing is that I took these glasses wherever I went and also stressed me a bit as I had to take these shots while having a short time at my disposal. 


While I was in Leeds I wanted to try out some different looks also since I was working on this campaign I had to give my best! You do not see all the style in this photo but I wore what is called a “Brown Double Monk” shoes. Mixing casual with smart is definitely a thing I love doing. Wearing the “Faqa’ Sew” t-shirt from Parascandalo.


Final part of this post 😟!! In this photo I am wearing a full look by Gagliardi. As you can see these opticals are great with every look and also they give a different touch to the outfits, like a spicy – classy look!

That is all for this post! I hope you guys enjoyed and felt excited while reading it! As I said in the beginning I got huge plans ahead so make sure to subscribe to my mail “left side menu” to keep yourself up-to-date! 

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Essential Accessories!

Hey you! How has your week been so far? Mine has been quite busy and filled with great stuff which leads to more work! As I have been saying in the latest posts, I am always developing myself and going out of my comfort zone, being a fashion model really gave me much more confidence and more ideas, therefor this will be the first accessory aimed post with a touch of a video!

As many of you might know, men are more to be liked when they wear some sort of accessory, it does not matter what it will be. It could be a necklace, watch, bracelet or even the three of them! Accessories tend to make us look better believe it or not, they show some sort of confidence when we wear them and also a touch of class when wearing the perfect watch with that dashing suit!


Just a simple watch made me and the photo look a little more better than just me there posing like *I’m so bored* look haha! If you are in need of a watch I got this one from Asos ( actually it was a present ❤️ ) but yeah, I am sure you will find one that suits you and your daily lifestyle!


What can a necklace do? Well I am pretty sure certain necklaces gives you that “Rebellious” feeling which I got when I wore the necklace above this! A simple but detailed and refined piece of jewellery which again does not keep me plain but gives me that touch of something special! Here is how I dressed it!


And an even closer look to this beautiful necklace!


I probably have said enough! Let me share with you the video I created thanks to my father’s help and also this time I had my mother helping me as well ( she threw me the jacket ) !

Hope you guys enjoyed this post and also the video as much as I enjoyed shooting it! Make sure to check out NoMatter for some more amazing accessories which I am sure you will love! Also do not forget to subscribe to my mail, it can be found in the side menu

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Miss Winter Elegance Contestant – ETM Malta Model!

Another one from our agency! Meet Maraya Aquilina Bartolo another one of our young beauties! Another contestant in the latest finished competition by Gaffiero Productions

A very young and super talented model with an amazing character! This young model has the cutest face expression when smiling and she knows we love it!  With great strength she has rocked the catwalk and lead her to place 2nd place Miss Teen Winter Elegance!

We are super proud of her and we are also sure that she is a growing talent! 

Show your support for this young beauty by checking her page out and leaving a like!


Photo credits go to Manquilina Photography who is the father of this beauty!
Cover photo credits Nella’s Fotography!


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Styling Alex Savvateeva – ETM Malta Model!

Hey guys it’s Friday! That means the weekend will soon be with us! What are your plans for this weekend? Tell me down below in the comment section!

As you have read in the title, this post is about my styling. My recent experience in Belgium with ETM had a huge impact on me, as I tested my styling skills on an international shoot. I styled 8 models having with 3 complete looks each.

A couple of the photographers from that event managed to finish some photos of the models I styled so I said to myself, “Why not blog about it?”, and here it is haha! The model featured below is Alex Savvateeva, one of our young talented beauties. 

Alex comes from a Russian background and we all know Russian style includes beautiful fur. Luckily enough, Alex had a sleeveless jacket with fur and I really wanted to use it to keep the style connected to her nationality. This is a youthful look with a touch of a sophisticated mature style connected to the faux-fur. I love introducing new styles that use elements of a mature look to enhance a younger look.

Photo Credits ; Sicilian Director Tiberio!

In this style, I decided to go more youthful compared to the previous look. Using the bodysuit with a print saying “Trendy” gives it a younger taste with a bit of classy kind of street look with the grey skirt and the few rips at the bottom. As a stylist I like to try on different types of styles on the same model to see which outfit they can rock most and also introducing them to different styles. 

Photo Credits ; Sakin Photography!

Finalising this post, here is the photo I love most. Modelling with this young beauty is always a pleasure. We have another shot together from the experience in Belgium but it’s not yet finished.

Photo Credits ; Sicilian Director Tiberio!

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This is the first post from the series posts of my styling work in Belgium! Currently I started 2 different series’s one of the “Miss Winter Elegance Contestants” and the other one is this series. 

Hope you guys are enjoying how I am developing my blog. I am planning a lot of cool and different things for you guys! Would surely be a great help if you would give me feedback down below in the comment section about my blog. Anything you have to say, say it!

See ya next time!