What is a “Fashion Blogger”?

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Hope you all had a great weekend! To start the week I finally decided to write this post which was approved by some of my fellow followers! I already had done this research before in order to develop myself, be different and better but this time I made a deeper research for you guys!

What is a “Fashion Blogger”?

That’s the biggest question fashion enthusiasts mostly ask themselves! I myself was one and when I made my research I was able to grow and become a legit fashion blogger! I think most of the people think fashion blogging is very easy, just pose with some cool outfits, make a facebook page and post them and then you’re a fashion blogger.

That’s not even close to being a fashion blogger. Primarily, to be a fashion blogger one has to own his own website and writes blog posts and not just about a cool style you created! This hobby/job carries more than you think, it’s a mash up of a Fashion Influencer, Outfit Blogger and also Fashion Editor! Let me break these down;

Fashion Influencer;

This person influences people to be themselves when they wear something and also collaborates with other brands to get discounts for their followers. In order to work with great brands one must have a great amount of followers and also engagement, especially on Instagram which is the leading social media app that fashion influencers and brands use to promote themselves!

Outfit Blogger;

This person aims in trying to create trends or some different styles that no one seen or barely seen out in the streets! They blog about their style in saying how they got inspired, mentioning the clothing brands name for the chance of maybe being featured on their pages and also influencing other people! 

An outfit blogger is an influencer as well but aims more to create his/her own styling ideas choosing his/her own brands!

Fashion Editor;

This person is more likely to be a magazine writer, following how fashion is evolving, trends changes and searching about fashion houses. They can also style photoshoots or write about a certain events. These used to hold the front rows in all important fashion events but now they share it with influencers and bloggers!


To be a legit fashion blogger one must own these three areas! It takes time, devotion and patience, for example I have been researching so I can know more on how I will be writing this post that it took me a week of research and find time whenever I could and also wrote this post after midnight as that was the moment I had some free time. 

For me fashion blogging is a job, I put time and devotion into every post, I might not get paid for it and barely get any feedback or attention but I keep myself positive in whatever I do and motivate myself to be better! I’m sure that time will come!

The following posts are some posts that clarify what I’m saying is true,
that I am a legit fashion blogger;

  • Fashion Editor; Previous post featuring the latest collection of Tommy Hilfiger and Gigi Hadid! I looked up why they chose this theme, what those the theme mean/refer to them and also chose the most outfits I personally liked!
    You can read more here 👇

TOMMYNOW “Drive” Spring 2018 Collection!


I wrote another post about a research for A/W 17! 
You can read more here 👇

Male Fashion Trends A/W 2017-18


  • Fashion Influencer; This was the first time I collaborated with a brand! I had the honour to work with one of the brands I really love, Ray-Ban! I worked on their last optical campaign of last year and also featured on Vision Opticians alongside some known Maltese characters, which for me was a pleasure to work with on the same campaign! I was requested to take specific photos showing off the optical glasses I was given to feature!
    You can read more here 👇

My Very First Big Brand Campaign!

  • Outfit Blogger; Lately I have started collaborating with Hudson Group Malta! I will be creating different styles on a monthly base and blog about the look! For last months style I wore a navy blue roll neck from River Island and matched it with a pair of blue washed jeans and brown double monk shoes from Gagliardi!
    You can read more here 👇

Smart Casual Look!


I will start planning my next outfit this week so make sure to keep an eye out for the photos on my instagram, @itskylemagri . I have been saying that great things are coming towards and finally they are! Make sure to follow me!

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TOMMYNOW “Drive” Spring 2018 Collection!

Hey you guys! I got something great for the fashion freaks and all those who love Tommy Hilfiger and Gigi Hadid! On February 25th these two amazing beings showcased yet another astonishing collection in Milan!

Tommy partnered up with Mercedes-AMG Petronas Motorsport and to celebrate he came up with this tasteful collection fusing fashion with Formula One focusing in both male and female! Another reason for this collection is due to Tommy’s love for racing and Gigi’s fast-paced lifestyle!
The TOMMYNOW is built on his signature “See Now, Buy Now” making all collection available immediately to purchase in more than 70 countries!   

I personally saw the show online and felt their adrenaline and Formula One vibes, I can only imagine what I would have felt if I was actually there, feeling everybody’s emotions, the lighting, music, the actual sounds of the roaring cars and much much more!

Running down the lane we found all the family HadidGigi Hadid her sister Bella Hadid and their brother Anwar Hadid and the beautiful Winnie Harlow, the mostly known for his jaw line and icy blue gaze, Jeremy Meeks aka “Hot Felon” and much more talented models!

Having said all of this I’m sure you are waiting for my choices! I will be labelling their looks as they had 63 looks including both genders so you can easily go on the looks you like and purchase the items! 

Here they are! 

As the saying goes “Ladies first” so I will be starting with the ladies collection! 

Going from left to right the looks are;

Look 1, Look 2, Look 8, Look 29, Look 37, Look 47, Look 60, Look 62 and finally look number 63 ending with the beautiful Gigi Hadid!


Breaking down this selection, the best three looks I really liked are Look 1, Look 29 and Look 63!


Tell me which are your favourite looks down below in the comments! 

On to the next part, the male section! I felt that Tommy put most of his vintage nostalgia in the male’s collection giving it a mix of modern racing with vintage style!

Going from left to right the looks are;

Look 17, Look 24, Look 31, Look 41, Look 42, Look 56 and finally Look 57!


Breaking down this selection, the best three looks I really liked are Look 24, Look 41  and Look 57!

Tell me which are your favourite looks down below in the comments! 

The whole collection is available locally in all shops so make sure to not waist much time as I have a feeling that this collection will reach the “finish line” really quickly haha!

That is all from the new collection of TommyxGigi! I hope you guys enjoyed this post and make sure to comment your favourite looks!

See ya next time!