Gabrielle Fenech “PRIPYAT”

Last but not least, Gabrielle Fenech! My most favourite new designer! At the moment I

heard her inspiration and background music I knew it was going to be a great and strong

collection! Which in the end it was. Her inspiration was on a nuclear explosion in a city in

Ukraine. With her inspiration she brought another explosion to the show, showing her

futuristic designs! PS. I LOVE HER COLLECTION! 

Malcolm Cremona “WALK THE TALK”

Malcolm is a great person to look after! He started fashion at the age of 15 and he never stopped

chasing the finish line. First you see him study , now you see him being part of the Malta

Fashion Week showing his amazing collection! His collection has a very strong inspiration! He

named his collection “WALK THE TALK” because his garments display these strong messages w

hich are “DREAM” , “IMAGINE” , “BELIEVE” , “CREATE” , “INSPIRE” and finally “ACHIEVE.”

Nathan Micallef  “TIDE”

Nathan is currently making his career at the London college of fashion. Living in the uk

made him to expose himself to new form of cultures and enhanced his ideas. His clothing

had pink mixed with blue/black to form a three colour collection the catches people’s eyes!

He used soft like material’s to create signification of style, fashion and story. In his

collection we could see what uk exposed him to. “confidence through clothing” a quote he

says himself. Nathan aims to take those who wear his clothes on to his adventures of

different era. 


Since I first saw her beginning piece I said to myself , ” She is going to amaze us”, which

was true in fact. In her designs there is curiosity for new and different. Adding to this, the

most thing that amazed me was that she combined every garment with it’s unique cuts-


Maria Cutajar “SUMMER BREEZE”

Maria Cutajar is one of the new designers that caught my eye at the show! Her collection was

based on a Florence style. She used white with a mix of nature colours to make the nature and

summer designs to keep with the Florence style. See through material and I’m guessing cotton

was used. Her final dress was an amazing wedding dress!




My first ever fashion week day left quite an impression! The creativity and uniqueness

was shown throughout the whole show. The designs I mostly liked were Maria Cutajar’s 

collection “SUMMER BREEZE” , Mari Ahoy with the collection  “FORM FOLLOWS F

EELING” , Nathan Micallef with the collection “TIDE” , Malcolm Cremona with the 

collection  “WALK THE TALK” and finally with the most astonishing designs and 

garments, Gabrielle Fenech’s  collection  “PRIPYAT”.

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